Before we get to the real official sounding stuff, let’s try to put it in plain English. All Go Media Design Blog post are owned by Go Media and may not be republished on another site without our permission. Let’s talk about the freebies! Even though the stuff Go Media gives away on the Blog is free, you don’t own the copyright. This means you can’t resell, change, or claim any of the freebies as your own. You may, of course, use the heck out of them for your own personal or commercial design work. If you think you might be doing something questionable and your situation is not clearly addressed in the terms of use below, email us and we’ll help you out.

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge and agree that Go Design Blog posts, Go Media freebies and the trademarks associated with Go Media are the intellectual property owned by Go Media. Go Media freebies are protected by copyright including, without limitation, by United States Copyright Law and applicable laws in the jurisdiction of use.

Permitted Uses

Go Media freebies are free to download and use for personal and commercial design works unless restricted below. Redistribution or claims of ownership in any form is strictly prohibited.

Forbidden Uses

The following are examples that violate this contract: (1) You may not use Go Media freebies in a stock design intended for resale. (2) You may not host Go Media freebies on your website or blog. (3) You may not resell or redistribute Go Media freebies by charging other parties for the right to access Go Media freebie files. (4) You may not change the name of Go Media freebies. (5) You may not use Go Media freebie files as part of a logo or company identity.

License Transfer

You may not rent, lease, or sublicense Go Media freebies, or any copy or portion of Go Media freebies, without Go Media’s prior written consent.

No Other Use

You are granted only the rights expressly stated in this Agreement, and you may not use Go Media freebies for any other use.