Go Media's web development team offers expert WordPress development.

We have been building WordPress websites since 2004.

This site you're looking at right now is built with WordPress. If it's good enough for us, there's a good chance it will be great for you.

Our custom WordPress themes and WordPress plugins make it fast and easy for you to edit and control the direction of your online presence.

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Go Media's web development team offers expert WordPress development in Cleveland. With custom WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, we make it fast and easy for you to edit and control the direction of your online presence.

Effectively utilizing WordPress can help:

Drive web traffic
Increase social engagement
Reach new clients
Optimize for Search Engines (SEO)

Although anyone can set up a WordPress account, WordPress development is essential because the platform offers literally thousands of plugins and modules, each capable of allowing you to achieve very specific goals. Plus, the system is constantly evolving. You will the right tools to adapt.

Go Media's WordPress development team has built hundreds of WordPress-powered solutions. We even developed our own WordPress plugins. This has allowed us to build onto existing code to provide clients with fast, easy access to custom post types and special theme options. That means you can quickly update your website sections on:


Events Manager


Custom Search


Portfolios & Galleries


Service Menus


Maps & Locations


Staff & Bios

Because Go Media's WordPress development team has been working with WordPress software since it first became available, we deliver the highest-quality, custom development in less time than competitors.

WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

Content management has long been a "techie task." That means it was generally reserved for those with a background in web development and coding.

But now, WordPress' Content Management System (CMS) offers built-in tools and extensions that make content management easy even for those who aren't experienced web developers. This is important because content is highly valued by search engines. It is what will draw eyeballs to your website, which will ultimately drive up your search engine optimization (SEO).

It is an excellent tool for building a solid following and reputation. Knowing how to best use it to your advantage is key. We can help.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is a web software program that allows users to create websites, blogs or apps. There are thousands of plugins and themes imaginable, which makes it appealing whether you're looking for a standard-form site or something more elaborate and unique.

Plus, more than 60 million people use the software, so we know it's going to be around for a long time. That means you aren't investing a great deal in the technology now, only to scrap it in a few years for a total redesign.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to use, making content management simple and fun;
  • Allows you to update content and keep everything on one site, including your homepage, blog and other interior pages (i.e., "About," "Contact," etc.);
  • Gives users the ability to register to leave comments, but also allows you control to approve those comments before they go live on your site;
  • Clearly defines authorship, permissions and administration privileges;
  • Allows for quick, automatic application upgrades.

It's a system that provides you with the ability to transform your site according to your needs.


Why Custom WordPress Development?

Although many web design firms offer WordPress development, the fact is, many haven't been doing it that long. Just because someone is a talented graphic designer who can build a functional website doesn't mean they can build a good WordPress site. For this, you really need a WordPress developer.

That's because, as with any type of programming, WordPress has its own systems and specific coding. In order to get it done right, you need a development team that knows the platform in and out.

Go Media has been involved with WordPress development since the software was first launched.

With customization of a WordPress site, you get:

  • A unique design. If you simply use the template, carving out a stand-out presence will be tough. So many sites use the exact same theme, and the result is bland and uninteresting. Part of creating a successful website means creating themes that are memorable. With custom WordPress development, you have the ability to choose design aspects that are going to cater to the needs of your visitors and also incorporate your organization's personality.
  • Clean code. Templates don't always offer the cleanest code. This matters not only for search engine optimization (cleaner code is easier for Google bots to crawl), but it's also essential if you want your website to be responsive and work on all browsers.
  • Freedom of choice. When you invest in a website, blog or web application, you have the right to make choices about every aspect of that - and the freedom to change your mind too. With customized WordPress development, you will get to decide: How images are displayed, home page layout, page-to-page layouts, blog page layouts, footer displays, blog excerpt display, ability to easily change font sizes and colors and contact form options.
  • Costs. Of course, there are those who will argue against custom WordPress development when you can set it up on your own for free. But you have to consider that the internet is critical to the everyday success of your business. All businesses, organizations and groups - regardless of their purpose - need a strong web presence to truly succeed. That means having a site that is unique, memorable, easily adaptable and customized.

Because content management is so critical to effective SEO, a workable, affordable content management solution is an absolute must.

To learn more about custom WordPress development in Cleveland, call Go Media at 216.939.0000 or contact us online.

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