Art direction is the intrinsic resonance of a brand – the way someone instinctively feels when they see it.

You have the power to influence that by collaborating with skilled Cleveland art direction specialists. At Go Media, our team will help set the tone of your branding across platforms. While design gives us the "how," art direction offers the "why."

We want your audience to have a positive visceral response to what they’re looking at because that is what compels action. The effects of art direction have been described with words like: Classic. Elegant. Grungy. Retro. Edgy. Serious. Fierce.

Your vision and our calculated creativity provoke these reactions. The goals and approach are unique for every client.

Art direction is a priority for our Cleveland graphic designers. There is consensus among all team members at the outset, before a single line is drawn. The goal is to effectively communicate corporate identity by using a streamlined approach that resonates consistently across platforms.

The colors, content style, fonts, images and graphics – all elements are considered when weighing how to make the right impression.

Concepts are congruous from your website to your logo, ads, apps and apparel. Your customers will know the essence of your organization before they read a word of your copy.

It’s important to point out there is a critical difference between design and art direction.

Designers are focused on the technical aspects of color, typography, composition and concept. They will be concerned with things like:

  • Do the colors complement each other?
  • Are these colors the best choice for this particular medium?
  • Does my type size fit the visual hierarchy?
  • How even are the margins?
  • Is a person's eye guided naturally through the piece?
  • Are the visual elements aligning well with the guidelines we set?
  • When I step back, does it look good overall?

Meanwhile, the art director is concerned with things like:

  • Are these colors the best match for this organization? Drab, neutral colors may not be the greatest choice for a dynamic new company catering to youth. Bright, funky colors probably aren't going to work well for a financial institution.
  • What kind of message does this font deliver? Is it too silly? Too loud? Too plain?
  • Is the composition properly balanced considering the tone of the organization? For example, a composition that is in perfect balance is nice to look at, but it's generally considered passive. Off-balance composition can be unsettling, but that might be exactly the cord you want to strike.
  • What kind of story are these designs telling?
  • When I step back, does it feel good overall?

Most of our projects will have a single art director shepherding the process and making sure critical details aren't overlooked. The art director understands well the technical aspects of web development and graphic design, but is also keenly aware of the broader implications.

There are regular reviews and approval of designs, artwork, photography and graphics, to ensure they are in line with the style and approach.

Know too that throughout the design process, you play an integral role. We offer experienced, creative perspective to propel your brand to new heights. In the end, the art director is there to make sure your vision is realized.

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