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Have a brilliant app idea for the iPhone, iPad, Android or another mobile platform?

Application Design, also known as Product Design and Development is the creative, informational and software engineering discipline typically used to describe the creation of apps for the modern and often mobility-centric "Internet of Things" (IoT). This includes commonplace touch displays on products like smart phones, tablets and infotainment displays as well as electronics exhibiting a user interface for visual, signage, non-touch and controlled and automated interactivity. This could include consumer goods like toys, appliances, fitness equipment, virtually anything you may see around a home, as well as commercial, retail and industrial interfaces for use as kiosks, wayfinders, point-of-sale, control systems and beyond. If it has a screen, we can design for it.

Go Media staffs experts in product and industrial design as well as graphic, signage, print, web and software User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers, all trained and based right here in the United States. Does your organization need a mobile or tablet app designed? Go Media is a Cleveland iOS & Android Design firm with expertise in User Interface & User Experience design. Our talented design team specializes in UI and UX for mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

Here are just a few of the custom design services we can provide for your next app:


UX Planning


Icons & Iconography


UI Panels


Menus & Navigation Systems


Buttons & Controls


Information Design




Character Design

And much more. Let us know what you've dreamed up and we'll help you make it into a reality.

This decade has truly been the age of mobile technology.

With over 60% of all internet traffic taking place over phones and tablets, it is no wonder why more organizations than ever are thinking in a "mobile first" paradigm. Go Media designs and develops multi-platform apps for the most common device operating systems and browsers.

Mobile Application Development

Go Media is a Cleveland, Ohio based application design and development firm with over two decades in business. We can provide mobile apps for the web, iOS and Android, including Headless & Serverless development, API integration, REST & GraphQL, React & Redux development, React Native & Expo and vanilla JavaScript or Typescript authoring.


Until the day arrives where your app is widely installed on everybody's most precious piece-of-glass, have you really made it?

If you are of the pre-internet era, you will remember the days when the typical "pocket items" were your chapstick, keys, maybe a wallet and coins for the meter or payphones. Fast-forward to today, the mobility revolution continues to replace all of it. Today, it is second nature for the most tech savvy to come and go using only their phones to do it all.

Whether it is the rideshare economy, digital wallets, keyless entry, paying for parking, you name it, we can develop it.

With roots in advanced ReactJS development, Go Media has come to specialize in the write-once-run-anywhere SDK known as ReactNative. In conjunction with Exponent, aka Expo, we are able to design and develop for both Apple iOS, Android and even the mobile web using a single codebase and development environment. Your organization can take advantage of considerable long-term savings bringing the application development cycle into a consolidated compiler engine. Additionally, we can provide "over-the-air" updates, a larger component library and faster integration with endpoints powered by services like REST and GraphQL. If you need specific native OS features unavilable to the SDK, we can add the components needed, using native Swift or Kotlin, to extend what is possible with either device Operating System.

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Mobile apps offer more advanced engagement opportunities than mobile-ready websites alone.

It may not be apparent at first glance, but the difference between mobile websites and native device applications can be a game-changer for your organization. For example, mobile devices offer posibilities in 3D space, native multimedia processing, calling & SMS and so much more. Go Media can implement app solutions to connect with your customers in ways like never before.

Here are some of the most common device operating systems and features we integrate with:


iOS & Android Apps


Over the Air Updates


Push Notifications


Forms & Information Flows


In-app Purchases & Payments


Accelerometer, Gyroscope & 3D Space


Apple, Google & Social Media Login


Touch & Haptics


Animation & Special Effects


Video & Audio Playback


SMS & Calling Integration


Calendar & Scheduling






Media & Files


Graphics & OpenGL


Data Storage & SQLite