About Go Media’s Arsenal

The Arsenal is a collection of design resources created and curated by the design team at Go Media. Go Media started releasing its collection of royalty free stock vectors in 2006 and has since expanded into providing a variety of different resources for the graphic designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur.

Professional Design Weaponry

To put it simply, every designer has an Arsenal of goodies they stash on their hard drive. These goodies might include several gigabytes worth of textures, vector illustrations, mockup templates, fonts, ebooks, etc. A personal library of go-to resources to aid in a creative and efficient design process.

Customers who use our products enjoy saving time and money while still looking good. We are OBSESSED with helping out our fellow designers and will stop at nothing to provide you with the tools you need to make design fun.

Royalty Free Vectors

Our world famous artists at Go Media hand-make the absolute best vectors on the planet. Get yours today!

World's Best Mockup Templates

Ask anyone - you need to mock up a design, these are the tools you need! If it doesn't look real, it's not a Go Media Arsenal template!

Fonts, Textures & More...

All of the Arsenal's products were born from the real-world needs of Go Media - an art focused design firm.

Arsenal Membership

Become a member of our Design Army and get instant access to our huge product library including all of our mockup templates, vectors and tutorials. You'll also have access to exclusive podcasts, articles, interviews and video content we are creating especially for you. Enjoy member-only privileges, including being able to access each and every exclusive monthly release for as long as you're enrolled. ONLY $15 a month - Cancel any time!


Our Artists

Early on, the majority of our vectors, templates and textures were created in house. But we learned, quite quickly, that our greatest asset is the design community. Now, what you see on the Arsenal, is a collaboration between Go Media and freelance artists who live to create.

Interested in becoming an Arsenal Artist?

Incredible Numbers

Mockup Templates

Royalty Free Vectors

Must-Have Textures

Our Kick-Ass Members


Get the best royalty free vectors, mockup templates and more!