Boston Tea Party Print Design Illustration

In 2011, Jeff Finley was invited to contribute to The Momentus Project illustrating a stylized print design piece about the Boston Tea Party. The project was curated by Evan Stremke, a designer at Planet Propaganda in Madison, Wisconsin. Evan was a featured designer at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2012. In fact, a few of the designers who contributed to this have since become involved with WMC Fest.

The Boston Tea Party

Passed by British Parliament in early 1773, the Tea Act had seen great opposition from Colonists because many believed it violated their rights to be taxed only by officials they had elected. As a display of of discontent, many colonists had successfully prevented the East India company from unloading tea shipments in their respective harbors. But in December of 1773, Boston colonists took it one step further and boarded ships containing the taxed tea, destroying all of it by throwing the loads overboard. This particular protest led to the 1774 Coercive Acts which shut down the East India Company until Britain was repaid for the destroyed tea. In response, colonists founded the First Continental Congress, the first step in the American Revolution.


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