Blank Canvas: Where Do You Freelance?


This installment of Blank Canvas is directed towards you freelancers and self-employed illustrators and designers out there. Go Media wants to know: where do you work?

There are quite a bit of options for those who can choose where to get their work done. Some prefer the “Fortress of Solitude” route, while others need some sort fo social interaction whether it be a coffeeshop, library or perhaps even sharing a coworking space with others.

So where do you work? What decisions led to that choice, and has it changed over the years? Pros and cons? Wishlist? Advice? Warnings? Let us know in the comments section below.

I’ll start things off with my situation:

I primarily work from a dedicated second bedroom in my apartment. I have plenty of space for a large work table, a drawing table (which I use for storage more than anything else as of late) as well as bookshelves, a flat file, etc. The solitude of working from home can be an oasis at times, allowing me to focus on my work and keep me clear from distractions, but it can also get to be a bit isolating at times.

I’m working towards making more of an effort to get out and work at local coffeeshops and restaurants to break up the cycle, but many times I find myself distracted and far less productive when I am working away from home.

With the internet, mobile phones and laptops/smartphones, there are many options for me to work away from home on the business side of my illustration and design work, however I find the creative process needs to be done primarily at “Command Central”. From back when I was freelancing around some regular off-site work, I’ve grown into the habit of associating the work with the location. Perhaps it’s just the opportunity to work distraction-free, but I am sure at least some of it is just plain habit.

Recently I’ve learned the finer distinction between introverted and extroverted personality types (it’s probably not what you think) and discovered that I lean towards the introverted side, which also plays a factor in my choice of workspace as well. Introverted types aren’t necessarily anti- or non-social, they just tend to “recharge their batteries” and work/concentrate better in solo.

OK readers, your turn—GO!