Ask Go Media for design advice via Twitter

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a design project with nobody to ask for help? You Google for tutorials and pour over support forums for the answer but nothing seems to solve your specific problem? This is common with freelance designers who work alone. They don’t have the luxury of working next to other designers who just might know a quicker way to achieve the same effect. So Go Media is going to try to help as best we can, using Twitter!

We reveal a lot of our techniques and business practices in our articles and tutorials. Yet people email us every day asking specific questions that are unique to them.

So we are trying something new. We set up a Twitter account that we will use to provide answers to your design related questions. How does it work? Easy, here’s how:

How does it work?

  1. You follow Go Media’s twitter account
  2. We follow you back
  3. You tweet your questions – (Make sure you put “Go Media” in the message so it catches our attention)
  4. Go Media’s staff replies with our advice, tips, or solutions.

So for example, you want to know how to get better results using Live Trace. You’d post a tweet “Hey Go Media, how do I get better results with Live Trace?” Our staff would see your tweet and we’d reply asap with something like “Make sure your images are roughly 2500×2500 pixels at 300 DPI”.

What topics can I ask about?

  1. DESIGN (Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max)
  2. WEB (Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS)
  4. Anything else, if we can’t answer it, we’ll try our best!

Here’s another cool thing. Go Media doesn’t always have to be the one answering your questions. If we can’t answer it, maybe someone else that follows you will! We plan on getting some of the best designers to follow you so they can answer your questions as well. Cool huh?

So what are you waiting for? Let Go Media be that know-it-all designer who works at your side that you can bug from time to time.

Note of Office Hours: We’re in the office from 10-6 EST Monday through Friday. If you ask a question while we’re not in the office, you’re going to have to wait.

Add Go Media’s Official Twitter account and we’ll add you back. Let’s do it together!

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