Go Media’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

About Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is the premier art and design conference in the U.S. It has generated comparisons to TED and SXSW, but it's truly one of a kind.

Over three days, more than 1,000 creative professionals, entrepreneurs and fans from all over the world travel to Cleveland to learn, get inspired, collaborate, network and celebrate their collective desire to create.

Attendees have access to 16 speakers, 7 bands, 3 workshops, 2 panels, as well as vendors, art experiences, meet-ups, and more. Dynamic events, including Ink Wars, are featured, and the Cleveland design studio tour, kicks off the event.

We Are All Weapons

Weapons is known for our love for community, our close-knit, family-like atmosphere, as well as our celebration of creatives of all kinds. We believe that the time connecting outside of the theater, workshops, and vendor hall is just as vital as what happens within.

Friendships created at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest tend to form fast, and we see what were once new friends return to the fest together years later as old ones.


WMC Fest is committed to providing opportunities for attendees to grow, both creatively and professionally, through key-note speaker presentations. Our talks are known industry-wide for being authentic, inspirational and educational.

Ink Wars

Ink Wars is a thrilling live art battle featuring eight illustrators who, at the beginning of an hour, are given an 8' canvas, a sharpie and a theme. On "go," they are hurridly create their best masterpiece as attendees weave in and out of the canvases and a DJ spins, creating a buzz of excitement. At the end of the hour, a winner is crowned!


Our Vendor Village is a fully-immersive space complete with live art battles and podcasts. Attendees are encouraged to get their hands dirty and create while interacting with vendors like never before. Plus, cool people hang out there. OkPants.

Cleveland Studio Tour

The Cleveland Studio Tour, proudly sponsored by City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development, gives attendees a glimpse into some of the hippest creative firms in our great city. This full-day event allows our visitors to meet and spend valuable time with studio owners and get a view of our city by way of Cleveland’s must-experience Lolly the Trolley.


WMC is lauded for its dedication to education by showcasing smart relevant industry practices in our two to four hour workshops. Past topics have included Passive Income for Designers, Food and Dimensional Typography.

Founded by Go Media

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest was founded by Go Media in 2010 due to our love for design and the creative community. However, we can't do it without you! WMC Fest exists because of the kindness and generosity of folks like you. Want to contribute content or resources? Let us know.

Who attends WMC?

Graphic designers. Illustrators. Web Designers. Students. Freelancers. Entrepreneurs. Musicians. Teachers. Photographers. Artists. Business Leaders. Go Media fans. Photographers. Gamers. Makers. Creatives of all kinds.

WMC brings attendees and content curators with various backgrounds, experiences, and demographics. More than 60% flock from other cities and creative hubs like NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland. We see our creatives traveling in from as far as the UK, India and Australia.

Together, our collective goal is to: Create. Share. Inspire.


Alumni Speakers

Alumni include Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, Debbie Millman, Tad Carpenter, Aaron Draplin, Austin Kleon, Brandon Rike, Chuck Anderson, Dan Christofferson, James White, Johnny Cupcakes, Mark Brickey and the Adventures in Design Podcast, and Jon Contino and National Poster Retrospecticus.

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