When Rich Wonder came to us, we knew this apparel line was special. This rookie brand was looking for a mascot and character to be designed to help them stand out from the crowd. We worked closely with the client to develop a rocking logo mascot that conveyed the fun and funky spirit of the Rich Wonder brand.

The client had a very clear idea of how he wanted his mascot to look. He came to us with a hand-drawn character that he wanted Go Media to use as a reference. He also wanted other elements infused into the character design like Plue from the comic series Rave Master. In addition, the client liked elements such as bowties, devils, baby jaguars, the Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny. We took his inspirations, resources and drawings and began our own interpretation of the Rich Wonder mascot.

We began the character design by sketching.

Rich Wonder Character Design - Sketches

After consulting with the client we colorized and vectorized the character design of "Richie."

Rich Wonder Character Design - Richie

We also created custom, hand-drawn typography for the logo design.

Rich Wonder Logo Design - Sketches 1

Rich Wonder Logo Design - Sketches 2

Rich Wonder Logo Design - Typography

Finally, we combined the typography with the character design and came up with the finalized logo design.