What’s Go Media Been Up To? – August 2012

Howdy Readers

Summer has been treating us well here at Go Media. We have been wrapping up client projects, releasing new Arsenal products, and making the final touches on mockupeverything.com. We have also been planning a brand new venture of creating a Go Media podcast, so stay tuned for the first edition of the podcast coming in September.

We recently hired a new intern named Kelsey Crusse and she has already been sinking her teeth in creating a new vector pack for release on the Arsenal. Keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming months.

Hot off the presses: WMC Fest 2013’s date and venue have been announced. Check out the press release below for more info.

WMC Fest partners with Cleveland Public Theatre

CLEVELAND, August 8, 2013 — On the heels of its largest-ever attendance, Go Media’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (WMC Fest) is pleased to announce a partnership with Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) to utilize one of the city’s greatest cultural and artistic establishments to provide a venue for its 2013 event. WMC Fest IV will be held on August 16-18, 2013, and will use the entirety of the CPT campus, which is located at 6415 Detroit Avenue in Cleveland’s Gordon Square neighborhood. Adding to the new partnership, Neoventures Events returns for the second year as the primary event management company for WMC Fest.

“I’m beyond excited about partnering with Cleveland Public Theatre,” says Jeff Finley, Go Media partner and founder of WMC Fest. “Not only do we have a bigger venue for speakers, but we also have consolidated the entire festival into one location. Attendees will no longer have to leave the building to see a band between speakers, because everything is all right there and self-contained. We’ll even have room for workshops.”

While the impressive 2012 turnout signaled the need for a new venue, Finley wanted WMC Fest to remain in the neighborhood it has called home since its inception. “We’re proud to be able to stay in Gordon Square and are looking forward to working more with the neighborhood this year,” Finley says. “Thanks to CPT, WMC Fest will definitely have that punk-rock, art-and-design-summer-camp vibe even more so than it already does. The only thing we’re missing is a wide open area to camp out! It’s going to be the best WMC Fest yet!”

WMC Fest IV at-a-glance:

  • NEW DATE: August 16-18, 2013
  • NEW LOCATION: Cleveland Public Theatre, 6415 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 20 speakers, 20 designers in a gallery show, approximately 30 bands
  • The premier art, design, and music event in the Midwest

New Addition to the Go Media Team: Jenny Kelley

Sure, most clients hire Go Media because of our creative prowess, but informed clients stay the course. You love doing business with us, because we get it – we genuinely care about you and your continued success. In our ongoing quest to become a true business ally, we journey alongside you to help you get where you want to go.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Jenny Kelley, Founder, Kelley Green Web, to provide you with premium service and make connections to adopt your businesses into our extended family. We believe success isn’t just about increasing the bottom line – it’s also about designing and implementing strategies to provide top notch customer experiences and form lasting relationships. Because our creativity is fueled by community!

Join our extended family to:

  • Enjoy premium customer service
  • Form and enhance long-term customer relationships and partnerships
  • Foster connections among partners
  • Increase cross promotion and partner visibility
  • Plug into the network for comprehensive and sustainable marketing and development services

Have a new project? Jenny will be servicing Go Media’s accounts and will help you get started!

Have a general communications question or need?  Jenny will help by plugging you in to the Kelley Green Web network, providing extended family services to augment Go Media’s offerings.

Contact Jenny today!

Below is more of what we have been up to here at Go Media.

Jeff Finley

  • Finalizing venue and date for WMC Fest 4 – Aug 16-18 2013 at Cleveland Public Theatre in Gordon Square.
  • Worked on brand identity designs for a health care consulting firm and a performing arts center in Texas.
  • Collaborated on planning the first episode of the Go Media podcast
  • Created and released a Photoshop Action for creating a vintage stamp effect
  • Did a t-shirt design for 365 Endurance
  • Planning for my vacation with my wife!

William Beachy

  • Yale – Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders
  • Writing up notes and reading to prepare them for implementation into Go Media
  • Working with the city and our bank to do a storefront renovation on our building
  • Designing branding for a church and several medical industry companies
  • Recruiting and interviewing potential full time sales people
  • Sales

Marissa Mele

Bryan Garvin

  • Something about a podcast
  • 3 sites went from Wireframes to Design to Static Buildouts
  • Put together another wireframe and sitemap for a new project
  • Procured a Wacom Tablet
  • Used my office phone for the first time since joining the team
  • Finally got around to work with Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Featured Images


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