15 Over-The-Top Business Card Designs

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Business cards are one of the elements of corporate design that should be pushed beyond just graphics, and converge with several processes to become what they should be: a memorable, collectible and impressive piece to be carried away everywhere. The following are perfect examples, and have overcome the graphic-only component of the piece by using different materials and techniques. A recognizable pattern in all these designs is the use of die-cuts.

One heavy piece: A print-sticked application directly on a metallic-emboss treated plate, Duffy And Partners business card. Duffy

Print applications on inset embossed paper; multiple textures in one piece.

Print with golden / silver special inks. You can feel the texture of this piece just by looking at it. Design by NothingSomething NY

A soft-looking print applied on top of printed hard-paper for Photographer John Bragg. Design by Funnel.

Inset embossing; die-cut with application on-top of it. Design by Luke Dorny.

Print application applied to a lapping-treated acetate. Easily modified for multiple employees and and their job description. Design by Catalyst Studios

Speaking of heavy, this business card has completely re-thought the concept into a metal token reflecting the goods of the product design company: Dashdotstudios

Showing the love towards former racing Greyhounds and the issues revolving around them, this dog-tag metallic embossed plate + tampography for the business cards of the National Greyhound Adoption Program is quite an achievement. Laurie DeMartino

Each of these card is unique, the result of a hand-made process by Ethan Martin

Barkley Evergreen & Partners developed this multi-textured, thick business card for 40 Sardines Restaurant. Delicate inset embossing and on-top applications.Barkley Evergreen & Partners.

Die-cut, soft foil emboss for the logo with printed paper application and a even subtler background pattern for the business card body. Design by Honest Brothers

Patterns and thickness are the main visual elements in this business card for Le Club Fez; again, a label die-cut applied to the body of the card allows for easy replacement for new data. Design by Hook USA.

A very unique design created with die-cut paper and a wrinkle texture. Design by the Michael Strauss himself.

Art with an industrial approach to a corporate field; very experimental business cards with different and unique results. Design by Sonner Valle

Space150 is recognized for their well-designed and executed business cards. Dry cuts, neon inks and inset emboss makes part of the main ingredients for this pieces. Design by Space150


Another examples of business cards well-executed, with lots of textures and alternative printing processes helping stand out from the common:

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