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Hello fellow graphic designers and illustrators, are you Googling a graphic design question and just can’t seem to find the answer? You came to the right place.

We are looking for questions we can answer on our Facebook and Instagram Lives! So, please leave your question below and we will do our best to answer it just as quickly as we can, with as much wisdom as we can. If we don’t have all the answers, we’ll be calling in back-up.

Make sure to follow us on both Facebook and Instagram to see if we answer your question.

We do hope to have guests pop into our live segments, so if you have suggestions for guest stars, please list their names in the favorite designers/illustrators section. Thank you!

Ask Us Anything


After we’ve started collecting answers, we will link them here. For now, we’re just getting started, so bear with us! Feel free to peruse our Start Here articles while you wait!

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Go Media is a Cleveland based website design, graphic design and creative branding firm. We are also behind WMC Fest, the Arsenal, Mockup Everything and others. We foster creativity throughout Cleveland and the World. We are Weapons of Mass Creation.

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