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Watercolors in Use: Alex Cherry

So to go along with the release of Watercolor Texture Set 2 at the Go Media Arsenal we’re highlighting Alex Cherry and his subtle use of the textures in some solid pieces. “Black Cloud” shows just how versatile these textures are – when desaturated and darkened they make great noire ink stained arms.

Check out this piece and the rest of Alex’s portfolio here

How to design a t-shirt on a budget and a tight deadline

Monday morning. You’re walking into work (or in some of your cases, waking up in your undies and walking 10 feet to your desk). You pound some coffee and peruse your inbox. You have a present. One of your regulars needs a t-shirt designed for the band Vomit Whistle, but can’t spend much money. To add to the chaos, they needed it last week so your deadline is within the business day. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?

You know damn well that drawing some hyper-magical illustration is out of the question. You’re not gonna go balls to the wall on some typographic masterpiece either. You need a solution that’s fast and looks good. You need to take some design detours because this design is on a time constraint and a BUDGET. You need stock vector art, and you need it now.

Create a stunning undersea painting using Vector Packs

So Set 10 is out. It’s sort of sentimental because I remember when Set 1 was released and wondering to myself, “Wow, if people dig this and find some real usability out of it… we could keep cranking out sets… one day we’ll release Set 10… I wonder what that’s gonna be like!”

Well here we are. As Jeff mentioned before, we took some of the popular suggestions and created the set with them in mind. And if that’s not enough, I’ve whipped up this tutorial as well.