Vector Freebie: Floral Wallpaper

Vector Freebie: Illustrator Icons

Free Vector Pack 11 Sampler

Hello again – more free vector art! This time it’s a sampler from Vector Pack 11 that was released a few weeks ago. Inside you’ll find seven complete vector pieces, one from each set. So you’ve got a taste of Trees 2, Doodles, Birds 2, Hand drawn Skulls, International skylines, type explosions, and Suits. Hope you make something sweet with these pieces – be sure to share your work with our User Showcase!

Grab it after the jump and stay tuned to the Go Mediazine for more tips, tutorials, and freebies!

Vector Freebies: Mouse Cursors

Free Vector Pack 9 Sampler

Free Vectors: Set 8 Sampler

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