Gender in the Design and Creative Industries: A Panel Discussion

Gender in the Design and Creative Industries

Today, Go Media, Cleveland’s home for brand design services is adding to our series of captivating panel discussions from our annual design, art and music conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. This discussion, entitled, “Gender in the Design and Creative Industries,” is not to be missed. Held during the weekend of August 15 through 17th, 2014 here in Cleveland, Ohio, the panel was moderated by Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director of Cleveland Public Theatre.

The panel features Phyllis Harris, Zoe Renee Lapin, Dane Horvath, Treva Lindsey and Rusty C. Cook.

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Cover photo by Caroline Moore

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Racial Diversity in Graphic Design: a Panel Discussion

Racial Diversity in Graphic Design: a Panel Discussion

Weapons of Mass Creation, a design, art and music festival held annually in Cleveland, Ohio, takes great pride in being a festival characterized by it’s dedication to diversity. This past year in particular, 2014, we highlighted discussions surrounded by this topic.

The video you’ll see below is a panel discussion, “Race in the Design and Creative Industries,” captured at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5. This featured panelists Jacinda Walker, Maurice Cherry, Luis Cabrera, Donald Wooten, Antonio Garcia and Linda Ayala. Angela Townsend of the Cleveland Plain Dealer moderated our discussion.

Please enjoy this unique panel discussion on race, culture and diversity in the creative community. 

Racial Diversity in Graphic Design Video and Podcast



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Cover photo thanks to Caroline Moore