Go Media Cleveland Creative Studio: Our 2014 in 3 Minutes

Go Media Cleveland Creative Studio: Our 2014 in 3 Minutes

Go Media is so much more than a creative studio.

Small in number, we are mighty in what we set out to achieve each and every year – from our passionate web design, logo, branding and print design projects, to our product Arsenal, our blog, our subscription based mockup sites (Mockup Everything and Shirt Mockup), video series (On the Map) and annual design conference (Weapons of Mass Creation Fest).

Not to mention the other hijinks that ensue throughout the year due to our collective love for design, community, life. Enjoy our look-back on 2014.

We hope to see you in 2015!

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About Go Media:

What does great design mean to you?
For some, it’s all about sales and results. For others, it’s about winning that next big award. At Go Media, a Cleveland web design, branding and print design studio, great design is the product of passion, purpose, and possibility. It’s a place where the art of communication is expressed in ways that surprise and satisfy our clients.

Our Ohio City headquarters is buzzing with artists, strategists and enthusiasts who approach each new project with an eye for detail and an ear for objectives. The result? Visually stunning concepts that captivate, compel purchase and even earn a few awards.

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Go Media Presents: On The Map 3

On The Map 3 is rapidly approaching! You can find the official event details in the Press Release down below, along with a peek behind the scenes of one of the new episodes – A day in the life at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I hope to see you, our local readers, at the screening Friday, December 6th. And for all our readers, keep your eyes peeled for a follow up blog post that delves into the video creation process. Enjoy!

Behind the shoot: A day in the life at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Matt-MarkFrame-ChrisJim-Chris Matt-Interview


Not only does the Garden feature exotic plants, but some cool creatures as well.
Dan, of Purple Films, and his obligatory selfie.

OTM3 | Friday, December 6th, 2013 | 5-9 pm | 7 pm Video Screening

Cleveland is ‘On the Map’ – from food to furniture, the city resonates with creative thinking and furious pride. On Friday, December 6, Go Media will host the third annual On the Map video series screening and release party to celebrate the people and places that make Cleveland our city.

Located in Ohio City, Go Media is proud to call Cleveland home. Like so many lifelong residents and transplants alike, our own Go Media designer and On the Map creator, Chris Comella, revels in the many amenities our great city has to offer. All of us here at Go Media see potential and recognize opportunity for change in this climate ripe for local economic growth.

Here at Go Media, we are working towards making their shared vision a reality and are helping establish Cleveland as a hub for artists and designers. Our On the Map video series spotlights a handful of the many inspiring people who are following our passions to make Cleveland a better place to live, work, and visit.

This year, the series also spotlights four Cleveland neighborhoods and showcases the distinctive landmarks that make them unique. Viewers will also get a behind the scenes look at the F*Sho, Cleveland’s contemporary furniture show, a visit to the tranquil Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and a day inside Momocho’s vibrant kitchen.

We’ll screen the 3rd On the Map video series on Friday December 6th in our warehouse offices at the SW Corner of West 45th & Lorain in Ohio City. Guests are invited to eat, drink, watch the video release, meet fellow Clevelanders, and enjoy in an evening aimed at celebrating our amazing city.

This premier event is free and open to the public.

WHO: Go Media

WHAT: 3rd Annual On the Map Video Series Release Event

WHEN: : Friday, December 6th, 2013 | 5-9 pm | Screening at 7 pm

WHERE: Go Media, 4507 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44102

CONTACT: Chris Comella, Go Media | 216-939-0000 x229 | [email protected]

Facebook.com/OnTheMapCLE | Event | OnTheMapCLE.com

On The Map CLE, featuring:

  • Cleveland Botanical Gardens
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Downtown
  • F*Sho
  • Momocho
  • Ohio City
  • University Circle

Go Media Podcast – Episode 4: Pricing, Haters, and Bad Clients

This episode answers questions that you guys sent to us in comments here on the Zine, on Facebook and over Twitter.

Listen to the Podcast


Show Notes:

Go Media Quick Tip: Under Promise and Over Deliver

  • Know what it is you can actually deliver.
  • Hold back the desire to make crazy promises just to get a project.
  • Hand-off between sales person and the designer is critical.
  • Review proofs with the sales person before presenting.

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

  • On the Map – Event recap with Chris Comella.
  • Arsenal – Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • Jeff and Jenny recently spoke about Crowd Funding and Social Media at Bad Girl Ventures and the Shaker Heights Launch House.
  • “Brand Positioning and Advocacy Process” work book for designers by Jackie Bebenroth coming out next year.
  • Bill attended a “Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses” event and met Warren Buffett.
  • Bill transitions from being a designer.
  • Another update on the storefront renovation.
Jeff and Bill talking on the podcast
Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy talk on the podcast while Bryan Garvin takes notes.

Questions Asked

  • Do clients get in the way of good design?
  • How do you deal with criticism when working with clients? – Jessie Ng
  • How you guys develop Creative Briefs? – @josephnicklo
  • How do you differentiate yourself in an ever homogenizing world of digital design and communication? – Stefek Andrzej
  • What are the pros and cons of being a Jack of All Trades vs. having a specialization? – Raji Purcell
  • How do you price your services? – Michael Greeves, Benedikt Hoffman and Anthony Gargasz



Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Special Guest: Chris Comella
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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What’s Go Media Been Up To? – November 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

We have been crazy busy here at Go Media. Last week, as many of us were stuffing our faces with turkey and mashed taters, the Arsenal team was gearing up for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. We have to give a HUGE thank you to all of our fans out there for showing up and snagging our special deals on vector packs & mockup templates, as well as, a 31% discount on any other product on the Arsenal. You guys totally ROCK OUR SOCKS!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

On The Map

This month also marked the anniversary of On The Map (OTM) and in honor of this accomplishment, we held our 2nd annual screening party.  Thank you to everyone for coming out to the Go Media Headquarters. It was so wonderful to meet so many of our fans in the flesh, y’all are an attractive bunch!

If you aren’t a local Clevelander or just couldn’t make it out to the event, then you have to check out the videos featuring the hottest businesses in Cleveland, handpicked by the Go Media team! I know many of us are already making plans to eat some tasty treats at places like Luna Bakery & Le Petit Triangle, gobbling up the best sushi in town at Ginko, slurping up the best coffee in Cleveland at Rising Star Coffee Roasters, buying some beautiful handmade furniture at Reincarnation, being a bookworm at Visible Voice Books, marveling at the art of Rose Iron Works Blacksmith Shop, and for the adventurous spirit in all of us, checking out the sexy motorcycles of Cleveland Cyclewerks.

On the Map Series 2 Trailer from Go Media on Vimeo.

Want to Contribute to the Zine?

  • Have an interesting design story to tell?
  • Want to be featured on the GoMediaZine?
  • Well, then contact the GoMediaZine manager, Marissa Mele at [email protected] for more info.

What The Team Has Been Up To

Jeff Finley

Earnest Scout BookEarnest Scout BookEarnest Scout Book

Heather Mariano

  • Reviewing applications for Jr. Designers and Project Managers
  • Conducting phone interviews for both positions
  • Coordinating and participating in 2nd round of interviews for both positions
  • Content population for a large client website project that will be launching soon
  • Preparation for our On the Map 2012 event, the evening was a great time!
On The Map (OTM)

Marissa Mele

Poster Inspiration Post

Wilson Revehl

Developing the new Croes Oliva Group website. http://cog.gomediahost.com/
It is a cozy responsive custom theme built for WordPress Content Management and assisted by an array of plugins Go Media continues to craft for extending our favorite CMS. Be sure to checkout the radical full-width slideshow on the homepage! It is completely powered by javascript and css. A lot of animation without Flash.

Croes Oliva Group website

Bryan Garvin

  • Wrapped up WordPress development on a new client redesign. Should be launching soon.
  • Continued with the development of the new Prooflab sales site, including the introduction of the “Go Media Switcher”
  • Began designing the new Arsenal email template, which will accompany the launch of the redesign.
  • Go Media Podcast episode #3 was released earlier in the month. Was a lot of fun and brought in some new challenges. We brought in 4 guests this time, which caused me some stress, since our studio is still a bit limited. But, we made do with what we had and put out another great episode. Looking forward to Episode #4.
  • Trying to get into illustration. Really loving the Wacom tablet. Never tried to draw seriously before, so it’s been a fun experiment. Hopefully, I can start applying it to projects outside of personal whims.

Bryan Garvin - "What's Go Media Been Up To?" - November 2012Bryan Garvin - "What's Go Media Been Up To?" - November 2012Bryan Garvin - "What's Go Media Been Up To?" - November 2012

Liz Hunt

  • Prepping for the Black Friday + Cyber Monday Super Deals event on the Arsenal. Thanks everyone who supported us, it wouldn’t have been a success without you!
  • Touching base with the CS Cart development team, who’s working hard to put the finishing touches on the back end of the new Arsenal v3. We’ve had some delays, but we hope to push it live early in 2013.
  • Working with artists Steve Knerem and Heather Sakai on some new products for the Arsenal. The image below is a sneak peak of a new Dust & Particle texture pack — what do you think?
Dust & Particles Texture Pack preview

Jenny Kelley

  • Growing the Extended Family network of complimentary service providers
  • Streamlining internal systems
  • Interviewing Project Manager and sales candidates
  • Churning out proposals
  • Working with incubators like Bad Girl Ventures, Launchouse and Bizdom
  • On The Map

On The Map

Adam Law

  • Holiday Card
  • Finishing up The Croes Oliva Group Identity
  • Working on a Go Media popcorn box
  • Working on a Mobile App for Android
  • Starting a new welding helmet design
 Croes Oliva Group logo

William Beachy

  • I have been working on my Growth plan, Attending Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Courses
  • Helping interview and hire our new Project Manager and Jr. Level Designer
  • Wrapping up branding project for The Village
  • Assisting Jenny with sales
  • Small items related to storefront renovation (on hold now till spring)

New to Cleveland: A Guide to (Re)Discovering the City

Not Long Ago I Was New to Cleveland

Almost a year ago, I received the book, New to Cleveland: A Guide to (Re)Discovering the City from the amazing Go Media gal, Liz Hunt! I had just begun working at Go Media at that time, and she had the unfortunate (haha) honor of picking me for the X-mas “secret santa.” Because I was “new to Cleveland” she aptly chose my gift after attending a book  signing at the incredible Cleveland hotspot, The Happy Dog. I knew shortly after that Lizzy and I would be fast friends and that this book would be my guide to the coolest places in Cleveland.

New to Cleveland

What’s This Book About?

Whether you’re new to town or a longtime resident, New to Cleveland is your complete guide to exploring the city. Inside you’ll find:

  • Descriptions and walking tours, with maps of 12 Cleveland neighborhoods (and Lakewood and Cleveland Heights);
  • Listings of restaurants, cafés, stores and cultural institutions;
  • Advice on where to send your kids to school;
  • Insights on the Cleveland real estate market and help deciding whether to rent or buy;
  • The best neighborhoods for students, artists, professionals, retirees and those who want to live car-free or car-light;
  • And the answer to the age-old question, “Can I live in a cool old industrial building?”

With more than 50 illustrations by local artist Julia Kuo, and text by writer and urban planner Justin Glanville, New to Cleveland will have you looking at the city with fresh eyes – even if you’ve never lived anywhere else.

100% Local! Written, designed and printed in the City of Cleveland

New to Cleveland

Julia Kuo: WMC Fest Alum

Julia Kuo is a Taiwanese-American illustrator from Los Angeles. After earning her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, she moved to Cleveland to work for American Greetings. Since then, she has gone on to work as a full-time freelance illustrator, creating a wide range of images for greeting cards, album covers, children’s books, and more. Her clients include Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, the New York Times, and Hachette Book Group. She is also part of a design collective, The Nimbus Factory.

Julia was also one of our featured speakers at the 3rd annual WMC Fest!

Below are some details about her talk, and check out the video to watch her presentation.

  • Talk Title: All I want to do is make cute things
  • Description: I became an illustrator just so I could draw whatever I wanted, but this path has taken me down a few surprising turns. I’ll talk about starting a stationery company, illustrating for the New York Times, and my “100 Days in Cleveland” blog (which recently became the book New to Cleveland).

New to Cleveland

The Neighborhoods of Cleveland

The book begins with a history of the city, a section called “the lay of the land” and “expect the unexpected”,  and continues with the following sections: population & demographics, housing types, and renting vs. buying. The book is then divided into different chapters that correspond with different neighborhoods in Cleveland including:

  • Downtown
  • Tremont
  • Asiatown
  • Ohio City
  • Detroit Shoreway
  • Old Brooklyn
  • Slavic Village
  • University Circle & Little Italy
  • Edgewater
  • Shaker Square, Buckeye & Larchmere
  • North Collinwood
  • West Park
  • Lakewood & Cleveland Heights

New to Cleveland - Downtown Infographic

At the beginning of each chapter, you will get a little history on that particular neighborhood as well as an infographic complete with a map and information such as: “who should live here?”, amenities & community features, population, and walk score.

Afterwards, the chapters are broken down in the following headings, giving you detailed descriptions of what you will find in each of these neighborhoods:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Groceries & Shopping
  • Health & Recreation
  • Eating & Drinking Out
  • “The Once Over”

New to Cleveland

New to Cleveland ends with a summary chapter called, “Settling In”, which gives you information on transportation in Cleveland, arts & culture, Cleveland for Artists, shopping: an overview,  the weather, crime & safety, friends & relationships, gay life in Cleveland, and education in Cleveland.

So as you can see, this is a must read for anyone moving to, living in, or visiting the wonderful city of Cleveland.

New to Cleveland

Where Can I Get this Book

Now that you have a taste of what you will find in the book, New to Cleveland: A Guide to (Re)Discovering the City, you are probably asking yourself, “where can I get this book”?

You can of course buy it online at the New to Cleveland Big Cartel Store, but why not help support local businesses in Cleveland by buying it there. Here is a list of the Cleveland retailers selling this book:

On The Map Series 2

On The Map – Cleveland

Now that you are fully immersed in the glory that is Cleveland, why not stop by the 2nd annual On The Map Screening Party held at the Go Media Headquarters. If you are unfamiliar with On The Map, it is a video series featuring the people and places that make Cleveland a creative, culturally rich, and inspiring place to be. So come out and join us at this year’s event and checkout the event details below:

Go Media Podcast – Episode 3: The Role of a Designer

This episode focuses on the role of a designer with special guests Connie Ozan from Twist Creative and Julia Briggs from Blue Star Design. We also talk about setting up metrics for your business and the redesign of the Arsenal.

Listen to the Podcast


Show Notes:

Go Media Quick Tip: Setting up Metrics for your Business

  • What are metrics?
  • Setting up stats to clearly identify success and weak points in your business.
  • Bill’s story at his Business class.

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

Jeff & Bill talking on podcast
Jeff Finley & Bill Beachy discussing “What’s Go Media Been Up To?”

Topic: The Role of a Designer

Special Guests: Connie Ozan & Julia Briggs in-studio

Julia Briggs and Connie Ozan
Julia Briggs and Connie Ozan discussing “the role of a designer”
  • Define “Designer” (graphic designer, not industrial/interior).
  • Define “Role” (what’s the context? role with a client? role in the world?)
  • Labels like Designer, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Artist, Commercial Artist, Illustrator.
  • Artist vs. Designer?
  • Evolution of a Designer over time.
  • Ideal Role vs. Actual Role

Roles of a Designer

  • Context
    • With a client/boss
    • With other team members
    • With your wallet/bank account
    • With your self/your own products
    • With society/the world/the environment
  • Production Roles
    • Commercial Artist (art as product), Illustrator
    • Visual Designer, Pixel Pusher (make stuff look pretty)
    • Style Jockey (designer performs his/her style)
    • Idea Generator (designer ideates on behalf of client)
    • UX Designer (how will the user actually USE this?)
    • Front End Developer (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Non Production Roles
    • Salesperson (communicate value)
    • Order Taker/Client Pleaser (similar to salesperson)
    • Strategist
    • Educator, Researcher (understand)
    • Business Consultant
    • Therapist, Psychiatrist (helping client understand themselves)
    • Facilitator (extended family, connector)
  • Social/Worldly Roles
    • Environmentalist
    • Social Changer
    • Innovator
    • Risk Taker (society expects creative people to take the risks)
Adam Law
Go Media Designer, Adam Law discussing “the role of a designer”
Chris Comella
Go Media designer and On the Map creator, Chris Comella talking about the “role of a designer” and the upcoming On the Map screening party



Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Special Guest: Julia Briggs, Connie Ozan, Adam Law and Chris Comella
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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Want More?

Keep learning and listening to more Go Media podcasts.


OTM Series 2

On the Map Series 2

On The Map (OTM)

If this is the 1st time you’ve heard of the On The Map (OTM) series, then you are missing out on seeing videos featuring the hottest businesses in Cleveland. On a personal note, this was the event where I met my current boss, William Beachy and found out that Go Media was looking to add another person to their team. One of my 1st assignments when I joined the Go Media family was to interview the creator, director, and innovator of the On The Map series, Chris Comella. So it seems fitting that I would be writing an article on the 2nd annual OTM viewing party for the GoMediaZine almost a year after being hired.

OTM Series 2 Trailer

For a sneak peak at this year’s screening, check out the video below.

On the Map Series 2 Trailer from Go Media on Vimeo.

On The Map Series 2

Putting Cleveland ‘On the Map’ – the Go Media Video series shines a spotlight on innovative entrepreneurs and organizations.

Find out why Cleveland is ‘On the Map’ – from food to furniture, our city resonates with creative thinking and furious pride! Join us Friday, November 9th for our second annual On the Map video series screening and party – come celebrate our city and the people that are working tirelessly to make it rock.

Go Media proudly calls Cleveland home. Like so many lifelong residents and transplants, we revel in the cultural, architectural, and natural amenities our great city has to offer. We see potential in what some would call blight, and we recognize opportunity for change. Therefore, Cleveland businesses are in a prime climate to create sustainable growth in the local economy.

And we aren’t alone! On the Map highlights a handful of other businesses and organizations that are following their passions and making Cleveland a better place to live, work, and visit.

We invite you to celebrate with us at our warehouse offices in Ohio City on Friday, November 9th. Join us to eat, drink, watch the video release, meet fellow Clevelanders, and even put your business or organization on the map!

OTM – Screening 2011 from Go Media on Vimeo.

Event Info

WHO: Go Media

WHAT: 2nd Annual On the Map Video Series Release Event

WHEN: : Friday, November 9th, 2012, 5:00pm – 9:00pm

WHERE: Go Media, 4507 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44102

CONTACT: Chris Comella, Go Media | 216-939-0000 x229

On The Map Collateral

On The Map CLE, starring:

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of OTM
Le Petit Triangle Cafe
Behind the Scenes of OTM
Rose Iron
Behind the Scenes of OTM
Visible Voice Books
Behind the Scenes of OTM
Stephen Yusko of Rose Iron with OTM creator, Chris Comella
Behind the Scenes of OTM
Dan of Purple Films and OTM creator, Chris Comella
Behind the Scenes of OTM
Cleveland Cyclewerks
Behind the Scenes of OTM

Behind the Scenes of OTMBehind the Scenes of OTMBehind the Scenes of OTM

On The Map Series 1

For those of you who missed last year’s event, below is a list of the businesses that were featured in the video series complete with links to the videos for your viewing pleasure:

  • Market Garden Brewery – Market Garden is a Brewery & Distillery in the burgeoning ‘Market District’ on West 25th Street in Ohio City. They offer seasonal beers brewed on the premises, Pub Fare served through the night, a comfortable indoor / outdoor setting, and a soon to launch line of spirits claiming the title of Cleveland’s first micro-distillery.
  • Noodlecat – Noodlecat is a slurpalicious Japanese-American mash-up from Chef Jonathon Sawyer. Inspired by Tokyo noodle worship and noodle houses, Noodlecat recreates traditionally inspired flavors using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients following sustainable business practices in all areas of restaurant operation.
  • Joy Machines – Joy Machines is a full-service community-oriented startup bike shop in Ohio City’s Market Square District, jointly owned and operated by Ohio City natives Alex Nosse and Renato Pereira-Castillo. Whether you’re an everyday cyclist, commuter, or someone interested in integrating bicycles into your daily routine, these guys are committed and passionate about growing Cleveland’s bike culture.
  • Dredger’s Union – The Dredgers Union is a lifestyle store with a wide variety of men’s and women’s apparel, home goods, and just about everything in between. Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland’s East 4th St neighborhood, and featuring it’s own domestically produced private label of apparel and home goods, The Dredgers Union places an emphasis on “Domestically Produced Values.”
  • Go Media – Located in Ohio City, Go Media offers design services, products and knowledge for clients who seek unexpected and compelling visual communications. Comprised of artists, programmers and strategists, they develop marketing materials that help clients capture attention and build brand affinity. Beyond client services, Go Media is deeply passionate about contributing to the creative community.
  • Bad Racket – Bad Racket is a craft recording studio on the West edge of Ohio City. Formed by three passionate music lovers, the studio evolved from raw warehouse into a warm inviting space for musicians to document their creations. In their first year, they’ve worked with more than thirty-five artists, gained recognition from Cleveland’s Press Club, and organized a music festival at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.
  • 2nd Shift – 2nd Shift is a contemporary product design studio located in Ohio City. It’s owned and run by seven partners, a group of creatives with diverse skills and varying backgrounds all working towards a common goal: design and build smart, beautiful, and useful products. Their first year has seen the development of a design studio – workshop, and their first line of products.
  • The Cleveland Cinematheque – The Cleveland Cinematheque seeks out independent films that otherwise would not be shown in the city, and throughout the years has garnered much recognition. Director John Ewing was named a Chevalier in the order of Arts and Letters by the French Government, and the New York Times touts the Cinematheque as one of the country’s best repertory movie theatres.