Kickin' it with Kenny

We Came, We Saw, We Kicked it With Kenny

Kickin’ it with Kenny

Our design conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 6 was filled with memories so warm and wonderful we’ll be riding high off of them all year long. One such memory that will live in our hearts forever took place here at our home, Go Media. On August 5, 2015, Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton of the best morning show in the nation, Kickin’ it with Kenny, paid us a visit. We set up a mini WMC Fest here at the studio, in order to show Kenny what was about to take place in just a few days at WMC Fest 6. What happened on film was nothing short of magic.

Kickin' it with Kenny
Kickin’ it with Kenny

We love you Kenny. The end.

Adventures in Design Podcast Episode 174: The WMC 6 team chats with Mark Brickey

Episode 174 – Weapons of Mass Creation 6 with Aaron Sechrist, Heather Sakai and Bryan Garvin

The Weapons of Mass Creation Fest team had the pleasure of talking to Adventures in Design Podcast host, Mark Brickey, in his Episode 174, about the big changes coming to WMC Fest 6.

Talking Points of AID 174

– The process of public speaking and emceeing a live event.

– The decision to keep Weapons of Mass Creation alive for it’s 6th year.

– Big changes in this years festival.

– Focusing on what you’re known for and being the best at what you do.

– Learning about the new and improved home of WMC Fest.

– New attractions added to WMC Fest 6.

– The return of Ink Wars.

– Adventures In Design Live On Stage at WMC Fest 6 (brought to you by Cleveland logo designers, Go Media).

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

– Creating a business within your business. Managing large scale projects without bankrupting the parent company.

– Keeping a balance between day to day projects but still finding time to work on large scale productions.

– We breakdown the math of WMC Fest and talk about what it takes to make a event profitable.

– The contagious excitement of Aaron Sechrist and his work.

– Using a beard to hide your double chins.

Connect with the Podcast Participants:
@aidpodcast@markbrickey | @okpants | @sakaipower | @bryangarvin

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New Cleveland Browns Logo Design: Aaron Sechrist, OkPants, Weighs In

“New” Browns Logo Leaves Cleveland Graphic Designers Deflated

Want to create a customized rock and roll tee (minus the lengthy design hours)? We can help.

Life as a designer can be completely overwhelming. With projects constantly coming through, work piles up and never-ending revisions make for long days and late nights. It isn’t like we’re not completely thankful, but let’s be honest:

Sometimes we just need a break.

Thankfully, we know of a little shortcut sent from heaven. This shortcut cuts precious hours, saves us money and basically makes us look like rock stars.

Introducing the t-shirt design pack.


This little gem of a product is a designer’s dream. Why? It includes everything you need to design a great customized t-shirt in no time flat:

  • All of the vector illustrations (no need to create your own!) by the amazing OK Pants (otherwise known as Aaron Sechrist) 
  • All original .AI files (including 4 color variations masterfully chosen for you)
  • A tri-blend ghosted t-shirt mockup .PSD (professionally present your artwork)

And looky here you even get:

How do you start saving your own sanity?

Just click here:

Road Hog T-Shirt Design Pack by Aaron Sechrist

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