A Showcase of Beautiful App Icons

App Icon Inspiration

For a long time now, I’ve been a fan of really well designed app icons. It’s quite similar to logo design, in that it represents the brand and personality of a product, but that it only has a very small canvas size in which to do so. It’s also exceptionally difficult to get it right, and when it’s done well it looks easy.

Mobile app icons have – over the years – only gotten better, partly as more and more designers have gotten used to the format, and also because the bar has been consistently raised each year. It’s often no longer good enough to have just a standard, functional app – it needs to be beautifully designed with impeccable UI, and the icon has to look good if you want it to feature on the home screen of the device.

So, with that said, I wanted to bring together a collection of some of my favourite fresh, recent, beautifully designed app icons that all make the most of the tiny screen size they’re given. Each of these has been carefully crafted and gives a real brand to the software that they represent. I hope you find the collection useful and interesting, and if you know of any other app icons that you’d like to share (or if you’ve created any that you’re especially proud of!), I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

The Showcase

01-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1805392-Camera-Diary-Icon-Concept

02-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1755566-Pattern-to-Login

03-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1744147-CodeRange-Icon

04-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1781896-Creatives-Land-Icon

05-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1807459-Candy-Camera-Icon

06-app icon inspiration

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1803314-iOS-Philips-Hue-Bridge-Icon-Concept


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1798320-Gaian


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1797288-OP-1-Synthesizer-Freebie


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1804112-SwiftHue-App


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1794994-NDC2014-iOS-App-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1747215-Boleyn-Ground-Photo-App


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1788645-Where-Your-Money-Goes-App-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1766449-Canva-iPad-App-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1754194-Sunrise-Calendar-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1762169-iStat-Menu-5


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1770020-Map-Pin-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1759696-Combust-App-Icon


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1791616-icon-SO-app


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1729211-Quan-Quan-iPhone-App-Icon-Design


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1806363-Taxi-Icon

Hopefully this collection of app icons has given you some inspiration, and maybe it’s even encouraged you to open Photoshop or Sketch and get some of your own designs out of your head and onto the screen. I’d love to hear what you think of these designs or if you have anything else that you’d like to share.

Best Spotify Playlists for Getting Sh*t Done – Go Media Staff, Volume 3: Jeff Finley

Resident Partner, Designer, Breakdancer, and one of the architects of Cleveland Graphic Design Firm, Go Media, Jeff Finley, is here to get you in the workflow with his Spotify playlist, “Pop Punk Favs.” So press play, pop open that pen and let the magic begin.

Jeff Finley’s “Pop Punk Favs”

More Go Media Staff’s Spotify Playlists for Getting Sh*t Done:
Volume 1, William Beachy
Volume 2, Bryan Garvin
Volume 5, Aaron Roberts

Best Spotify Playlists for Getting Sh*t Done – Go Media Staff, Volume 1: William Beachy

If you’ve ever entered Go Media headquarters,  you’ll most likely be blown away by one thing – quite immediately.

The sound of complete and utter silence.

It’s something I first noticed when I first stepped my foot onto the third floor of this, 4507 Lorain Avenue, and something almost everyone comments on upon entering.

Quickly though, you’ll come to understand the reason. More often that not, each and every one of us has our headphones on, being inspired and motivated by our favorite music.

Getting it done.

We thought it would be fun if we each constructed a Spotify playlist for you, dear readers. Each is chock-full of songs that put that creative fire in our bellies.

You can find these playlists each and every Monday here on the ‘Zine. We’re kicking off our favorite Spotify playlists with one from William Beachy, President of Cleveland website designers, Go Media.

William Beachy’s “Go Media’s EDM Work Playlist”

The name says it all. I slowly pieced together this playlist over an entire year. This is just over two hours of high energy, bad-ass, bass thumping, soaring vocal, punch-you-in-the-face dropping electronic music. If you like Electronic Dance Music, you’ll be head bobbing and chair dancing yourself into a blissful state of productivity. If not, welp, you gotta go if you don’t like techno.

See you next time!

40+ Japanese Web Design Inspirations

Web Design Inspiration

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I’m obsessed with any and all things Japanese – design included.

I can appreciate the full spectrum – from tranquil gardens to Harajuku chic to sampuru and everything in between.

I love the contrast between total zen and neon chaos. The juxtaposition between the steady, serene steam rising above warm cups of tea and the crazed onslaught of information rammed into a subway map, city street, webpage screen.

Web Design

Generalizing here, Japanese web design is a fearless dive into color, light and character, a direct representation of a busy Shibuya street. And because I embrace the full-on, I’m a fan. So today, I’ve collected some web pages that have in some way intrigued, inspired and entertained me.










Glaceu Vitamin Water


Family Mart

family mart

Fukuoka Facts

preview 22




preview 18




preview 10

Studio Zero

preview 2


preview 17



Mos Burger

preview 13

Nero Hair Salon






Kyougaku Ji Kindergarten

preview 16


preview 3



DIY Factory



preview 14



Mite Kero

preview 8

Kenji Endo

preview 15

Taro Magazine

web design inspiration preview 3

Happy Turn



web design inspiration kotori

Beard Papa



web design inspiration preview 4


preview 5



Hokkaido Gas

web design inspiration preview 5

Air Plus



preview 7

Milk Japan


Naotaro Moriyama

preview 21


preview 9


preview 11

Lig Inc.

preview 12





and just because…this:

Daily Inspiration: The Typography of Cedar Point

Rockin’ Roller Coast Me.

Guys. If you know me, I bleed Cleveland through and through. And although Sandusky is an hour away, I still consider it part of our great city (just give it to me, will ya?) I mean, I grew up piling into the minivan heading up to the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point, and just loving the hell out of life.

I haven’t stopped. I won’t stop.

Cedar Point, to me, represents everything great about America, about summer, about life. Inside those golden gates are thrilling rides, elephant ears, cheesy singing & dancing shows and questionable fashion choices. I mean, be still my beating heart.

Well, I recently had yet another adventure with my Cleveland Design compatriots at Go Media and we went balls to the wall as usual, which included such memorable moments as this:

We went back in time.
At Cedar Point, even time travel is possible.

Typography Inspiration

We also admired the wealth of typography Cedar Point offers, which I have collected via Pinterest and Flickr. Which one is your favorite? Want one to be the jump off point to your new logo design? Share with me in the comments below.

Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Cedar Point 105
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, Found on Flickr
Cedar Point 034
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, Found on Flickr
Cedar Point 057
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, Found on Flickr
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Photo by Andy B, found on Flick
Dodge Em, Cedar Point
Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil, found on Flickr
Cedar Point Halloweekends 334
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, found on Flickr
Photo by Stevan Sheets, found on Flickr
Gemini Logo
Photo by Sam Howzlt, found on Flickr
Happy Friar
Photo by Sam Howzlt, found on Flickr
Cedar Point Halloweekends 240
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, found on Flickr
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Photo by Alex, found on Flickr
typography of cedar point lake erie eagles
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Cedar Point - Disaster Transport Sign
Photo by Andrew Borgen, found on Flickr. P.S. RIP Disaster Transport
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest
Cedar Point Halloweekends 358
Photo by Jeremy Thompson, found on Flickr
Photo by Stevan Sheets, found on Flickr
Pinned on Go Media's Pinterest
Pinned on Go Media’s Pinterest

See you next year, Cedar Point!


An Open Letter To My Fellow Weapons of Mass Creation: A Hello from New Fest Organizer Heather Sakai


By now, you’ve all heard the news. My colleague, mentor and friend, Jeff Finley is taking his talents to South Beach, break-dancing bravely into the great unknown.

After a tear or two, I pulled myself together and realized that this wasn’t a time for sadness but of celebration. Not only was Jeff being granted the ability to pursue his next dream, but I mine. Thanks to Jeff, I have been been offered what I consider to be the biggest and best opportunity of my life – to be the director of Go Media’s Design conference Weapons of Mass Creation.

With this fiery torch a blazin’, I’m already off and running. I hope you’ll come along.

Let’s Back Up.

My Stance on Weapons
& The Future

A Little Background on WMC for me & Why I Love it So Darn Much

Two years ago, my friend and Go Media President Bill Beachy asked me to help volunteer at Weapons. “Three Days that Will Change Your Life,” he said. I thought, ‘Okay, sure, I’ll do a good deed and help a friend out.’

When I stepped onto the scene, I soon realized that this was not just any festival and that those involved weren’t just any other folks. I knew right off the bat that this was something special. I felt an electric energy in the air and immediately I felt as if I belonged in a very authentic way. Experiencing this was a breath of fresh air for me. In a dead-end job, I had all but completely given up on myself. I had, like Jeff, battled depression and was stumbling way more than successfully getting up on my feet.

I left the Fest completely envious, wishing I could live the lives of those happy, creative, seemingly ballsy people I met at the festival. Days later it hit me. I could be one of them. I mean, as a creative myself (I hold a Masters degree from Case in Modern Dance), I had part of the equation, I just needed to get the other part nailed down.

Hit with a sudden spark of determination, I realized that it was time for me to turn this thing around.

My first Fest
My first Fest

With a new fire in my belly, I asked Bill for a job at Go Media. Having no graphic design experience, he was hesitant to say the least. But, thanks in part to busting my ass as a Fest volunteer (dawn to dusk) and other random, continued and relentless efforts to join the team (spending weeks painting the entire second floor of Go Media, for one), they finally gave the underdog a shot.

As I had never opened Photoshop, I was relegated to cleaning the back office during my first week. Fair enough.

Well, you know what? Inspired by the Fest and with unbridled passion, I cleaned that back office until you could eat off of the floor. I quickly moved from the back office to the front and I got my very own desk. I thought I won the lottery. I put in time purchasing supplies and answering phones. Day after day, I showed that I was capable of handling more, and thus I was given more. And more. And more. With each responsibility, I grew prouder, more confident, more inspired.

Oh My God My Own Desk
Oh My God My Own Desk

Fast forward to a year and a half later, I am now responsible for all of Go’s social media, for running sites MockupEverything.com and ShirtMockup.com and for managing artists and launching all products on our ecommerce site, the Arsenal. I have even met the pen tool and spend a good portion of the week doing some basic design. And now, I’m adding WMC Fest to my list. Bill jokes that I’ll one day just take over Go Media completely.

I have truly defied the hand I felt I was dealt.


Nailed the Slogan, Jeff.

Here’s what I’m trying to say. This “Change Your Life” thing – well, that hasn’t just been a slogan for me. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest has transformed my life in so many ways – giving me the confidence to pursue the career of my dreams, for one. Further, I look at the world differently since Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 3. My ability to survive an extremely tough year, including my mother’s passing and brain surgery for my one year old niece, I credit to the sense of hope and fortitude I gained, not to mention the friendships formed during the Fest.

I believe wholeheartedly in Weapons of Mass Creation Fest because it has given me so much and continues to do so. It also allows me to feel at home and be my true authentic self. This is not something I feel often, so when it happens, I hold it dear.

If you couldn’t tell, I believe the Fest is life-changing and love everything it represents. I am beyond honored to carry the Fest torch. I know that I’ll make Jeff proud, and I have promised to lead the charge for as long as I have the 100% drive and enthusiasm to do so.

Where it’s going

As mentioned, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest has served me so well, so I do not see it changing in any major way. Why mess with a good thing?

I will, though, bring my own spunk and fire into the Fest. I have my own personality and ideas and I hope that you contribute too. I want to include each and every one of you in the Fest. After all, it belongs to all of us. Please always feel open to email or tweet me your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

I really do hope that you’ll give me the chance to lead the way, because I have all the passion in the world for everything it represents.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to wmcfest.com in the coming months for announcements about next year’s date, team members and line-up. It’s sure to be exciting for us all. I look forward to your support as I embark on this exciting adventure. Chat with you all soon!

Instant Inspiration: Exceptional Gig Poster Designs

One Good Reason poster designed by Go Media

Gig Poster Designs

As you may well know, we love a good gig poster design here at Go Media.

After all, designing posters is in our blood. Our Ohio graphic designers started on the streets of Cleveland, promoting and creating poster art for the bands we loved.

Our designers know the keys to eye-catching, clear, crisp poster designs. We love to create, but we also appreciate great design when we see it.


Below you’ll find some most excellent gig posters we found over gigposters.com. A huge shout-out to Clay Hayes, founder of the site, for maintaining such an inspirational site!

Click on each image to be taken to the poster on gigposters.com.

Let’s go!

gig poster designs 17

gig poster designs 18

gig poster designs 19

gig poster designs 20




















Thanks Gigposters.com!

Having Faith in Design: an Interview with Mike Jones of Creative South

Cover Photo courtesy of Patrick Chin

Meeting the Man: Mike Jones

Whew! What a weekend, huh, guys? As this was my first Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, I did not know what to expect. I knew I’d meet some cool people, see some awesome things – but I could’ve never imagined the magnitude of all of it. Before I get into my time with Mike Jones, let’s give a round of applause to the creator of WMC Fest, Jeff Finley, for bringing this to life. The event is truly one-of-a-kind, and the fact that it all started in Cleveland makes me feel profoundly proud.


“Have you met theman, Mike Jones?”

I heard that probably 20 times over the weekend. So, I marched up to Vendors Village to find this Mike Jones, and try to snag him for a quick interview. I found him at his booth, Old South Supply Co., with his (equally awesome) partner in crime Lenny Terenzi. I introduced myself and asked if we could chat for an interview at some point, and he said well of course! We can do it right now.

The crew joined forces to create Old South Supply Co. with the idea of giving people quality, hand-crafted goods with a sweet southern flare. Mike is from Georgia while Lenny is from North Carolina. The two have assistance in web development by friend Rob Davarnia, who owns Parse Labs, a web development and design company in Orange County, California. Old South Supply Co. just got its start back in June and had its soft-launch at WMC Fest. Their online store will be up and running soon, and you will be able to purchase anything from t-shirts and hats to drinking glasses and cooking utensils, and there’s even a button-down clothing line in the works.

Lenny and Mike met at Creative South (a design conference run by Mike). Mike suggested he and Lenny collaborate together on a lifestyle brand based around how we view the south.

“There are a lot of types of southerners. The two main categories of Southerners that come to my mind the most are “country”– and what I like to call ‘the “old money”, – both have their following and both are valid!

Mike and Lenny want to make Old South Supply a way for everyone to meet in the middle and service the views and lifestyles of both. The duo handmakes as much as they can and since they’re both designers, they definitely get to design everything!


Photo by Patrick Chin of Real Thread
Photo by Patrick Chin of Real Thread

A faith-based designer, Mike never seems to stress; He just goes with his heart and a little direction from the Big Guy upstairs. His story begins a year and a half ago, when Mike asked God to let him know loud and clear if he should stay and work at the design firm he knew and loved, or if he was needed somewhere else. He went back inside to finish his day of work and was delivered the message as clear as day. No hard feelings, but it was just his time to go. As they say, as one door closed, another opened.

The very next day, Mike received a call from a fraternity brother he hadn’t heard from in 10 years.

His fraternity brother needed a logo and a website. From then on, his freelance career took off. Mike received a phone call, text or e-mail every day for the first four months of freelancing full time.

“I was blown away, like doors were opened just like He said they would,” said Mike. “For a year and a half, I have been steady. I don’t advertise, it’s all word-of-mouth and it’s just blessing after blessing. I’m thankful, I get to do what I want to do and I get to do it on my own terms. It allows me to spend more time with my family and do side projects like Old South Supply.”

Mike looks back at his experience as design firm invaluable; it’s there he recommends finding, and keeping life-long mentors.

“You know what? Don’t be afraid to call ‘em up. ‘I love your work! How’d you do that?’ If they share, fantastic, if not fantastic,” said Mike. “If someone calls me and asks how I did something, I tell them because your vision of art and mine are different, even if the technique to do it is exactly the same.”

Mike’s big take-away? With faith on your side, try, fail sometimes, but don’t ever give up.

“It is a scary thing. Like what if I fail? Then what do I do? Look, go into it like this. I have this thing that I wanna do. This is my plan B just in case. Worse case scenario, it’s not gonna work out. Best case, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do. Be confident that one of those is gonna go!”

“If you fail, the people that love and care about you thought it was awesome – and if anything, you’ve made some cool things for your buddies.”


More Mike Jones: Twitter | Dribbble | Old South Supply Co.
Creative South Main | Creative South Facebook | Creative South Twitter

Thanks to Patrick Chin for all photography used in this story.

20 Creative, Hand Drawn Logo Designs

25 Fun and Colorful Electronic Music Album Covers

Hello readers! It’s been a while since my last post but I’m back to share with you my two loves – art and music!

A lot of the electronic music that I enjoy has some really awesome and colorful album art to go along with it. I have been a fan of this type music for over a year and a half now, and during this time I have created a playlist on Spotify that includes my personal favorite songs from everything I’ve been discovering. Currently it has over 250 songs! Most of it can be classified as electronic dance music, or EDM. (I also recently started a trap playlist!) In addition I have a blog where I post songs once a week and other random things from time to time. If you are an EDM fan then you should check it out, I would appreciate it!

Now, onto the amazing album covers for some of the electronic artists that I love. Below the image you will see a link to one of my favorite songs from the album. SoundCloud links are used when available. Hopefully these will give you some inspiration when you are designing your next album cover! And maybe you will discover some cool new songs too.

Hustle by Antiserum and Mayhem

Skeleton Key by Beats Antique

Kiara by Bonobo

Beaming Up by Break Science

No One Does by Buku

Lazer Beam by Calvertron

Alienz – NYMZ Remix by Dallas K

Grain by Dusky

Sheknowshebad by Herobust

Cirque du Solo by Two Fresh & Herobust

Power Moves Baby by Inf

I Just Can’t Deny by Keys N Krates

Saturn – GTA Remix by Kill the Noise

Enter Reality by Knight Riderz

Icarus by Madeon

Up in the Clouds by Mimosa

Hold Up by Minnesota

Soma by Nick Thayer

Wiggle Sticks by Opiuo

Underlight by The Polish Ambassador

City of One by Pretty Lights

Custie Bear by Project Aspect

City Star by Rustie

Mind Over Matter by Savoy

Drogue by Starkey

Thanks for reading and/or listening! For more fun songs check out:
My Blog and Follow me on Twitter or Spotify.

30+ Inspirational Creative Quotes That Will Recharge You Now

Inspirational Creative Quotes That Will Recharge You Now

Feeling overwhelmed? Down on your luck? Uninspired? Sometimes a word of wisdom is just what the doctor ordered. We’ve collected some of our favorite inspirational creative quotes on our Pinterest page. May they give you the inspiration you need today.

Click on each image for its source:

48c551d88bb186a39a1f75840bbb5b2f6c30d8de8146a574b2ac4dc74911dfc2 (1)99f22cfbf12b7652b0eb4f8dd777e4461a4c0f5973b3d4373fe2ad4a7edc6236

195ae68e46bb810e7e9f37235787f7f1e1e392b32f82324170a63584ec5d86c0a7d5c1aff507c3b16da1b18aa13262b7f064dca9e76f7c1bc084d54776b570e3bd9936817c2a897faa74038b50191711b0d6452682c62218f659b091a6a40a78846cc7a8aa2a04804ced59ca71c43cb9fe91d6c2dbf53780abbae62de62fb313quote182cb86c201f0e5f64c8f5dea834471dc4bbb86e3a_md5ef6ee4482ca4320b57da837a047a0d3a1556fdd8d995b0e1ce1c0b087a888942b7adcd7a0180150242d071c83baec66817c5338d9bc500fc397cae96897536b82ac9ddad94f17c48354c6963d4e952c575adbba72138252d6661c3a1f0e2676512000e30c5d5e06a73c2f13f8fb4e683de666eb402432a06483e69beb8f68d4215bf419fcfe23ec4d42f6be858b0fc (1)

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Today we’re talking a walk down apparel design memory lane! We’re  focusing on the t-shirts we’ve passionately designed over the years.

Take a peek at our apparel archive Bill, our President, has collected below.

Check out more of our work the best in web, print, branding and illustration, as well as apparel design, head to gomedia.us!

And for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the apparel industry, make sure to pick up Thread’s Not Dead by Go Media Partner Jeff Finley!

14appareldesigngomedia 4appareldesigngomedia 2appareldesigngomedia 1appareldesigngomedia 15appareldesigngomedia 16appareldesigngomedia 17appareldesigngomedia 18appareldesigngomedia 19appareldesigngomedia 20appareldesigngomedia 21appareldesigngomedia 28 apparel design by gomedia.us 27 apparel design by gomedia.us 26 apparel design by gomedia.us 25appareldesigngomedia 24appareldesigngomedia 23appareldesigngomedia 22appareldesigngomedia 29apparel design by gomedia.us 30 apparel design by gomedia.us 32 apparel design by gomedia.us 33 apparel design by gomedia.us 34 apparel design by gomedia.us 35 apparel design by gomedia.us 37apparel design by gomedia.us appareldesigngomedia13 50 apparel design by gomedia.us 48 apparel design by gomedia.us 47 apparel design by gomedia.us 46 apparel design by gomedia.us 36 apparel design by gomedia.us 38 apparel design by gomedia.us 39 apparel design by gomedia.us 40 apparel design by gomedia.us 41 apparel design by gomedia.us 42 apparel design by gomedia.us 43 apparel design by gomedia.us 44 apparel design by gomedia.us 56 apparel design by gomedia.us 55 apparel design by gomedia.us 54 apparel design by gomedia.us 53 apparel design by gomedia.us 52 apparel design by gomedia.us 51 apparel design by gomedia.us 45 apparel design by gomedia.us 57 apparel design by gomedia.us 58 apparel design by gomedia.us 59 apparel design by gomedia.us 60 apparel design by gomedia.us 61 apparel design by gomedia.us 62 apparel design by gomedia.us 63 apparel design by gomedia.us 71 apparel design by gomedia.us 70 apparel design by gomedia.us 68 apparel design by gomedia.us 67 apparel design by gomedia.us 66 apparel design by gomedia.us 65 apparel design by gomedia.us 64 apparel design by gomedia.us 72 apparel design by gomedia.us 73 apparel design by gomedia.us 74 apparel design by gomedia.us 75 apparel design by gomedia.us 76 apparel design by gomedia.us 77 apparel design by gomedia.us 78 apparel design by gomedia.us

79 apparel design by gomedia.us 80 apparel design by gomedia.us 81 apparel design by gomedia.us 82 apparel design by gomedia.us 83 apparel design by gomedia.us 84 apparel design by gomedia.us 85 apparel design by gomedia.us 86 apparel design by gomedia.us 87 apparel design by gomedia.us 88 apparel design by gomedia.us 90 apparel design by gomedia.us 91 apparel design by gomedia.us 92 apparel design by gomedia.us 93 apparel design by gomedia.us 94 apparel design by gomedia.us 95 apparel design by gomedia.us 96 apparel design by gomedia.us 97 apparel design by gomedia.us 98 apparel design by gomedia.us 101 apparel design by gomedia.us 102 apparel design by gomedia.us 103 apparel design by gomedia.us 104 apparel design by gomedia.us 105 apparel design by gomedia.us 106 apparel design by gomedia.us 107 apparel design by gomedia.us 108 apparel design by gomedia.us 109 apparel design by gomedia.us 110 apparel design by gomedia.us 111 apparel design by gomedia.us 112 apparel design by gomedia.us 113 apparel design by gomedia.us 114 apparel design by gomedia.us 115 apparel design by gomedia.us 116 apparel design by gomedia.us 117 apparel design by gomedia.us 118 apparel design by gomedia.us 120 apparel design by gomedia.us 121 apparel design by gomedia.us 122 apparel design by gomedia.us 123 apparel design by gomedia.us appareldesigngomedia3 appareldesigngomedia5 appareldesigngomedia6 appareldesigngomedia7 appareldesigngomedia8 appareldesigngomedia9 appareldesigngomedia10 appareldesigngomedia11 appareldesigngomedia12 appareldesigngomedia13

Which t-shirt design is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

20 Excellent Examples of Retro Logo Designs

Examples of Simple & Elegant Logo Designs

Print Design Inspiration - April 2013

50+ Inspiring Print Designs

And You Say Print Is Dead!

For years, we’ve heard people say “print is dead” and “it’s all about the web,” but as far as we can tell, print design isn’t going anywhere. From business cards to postcards, from invitations to menus, print design is far from dead, it’s alive and thriving. Just check out the showcase below if you don’t believe us.

The Showcase

ASSURETY AMERICA BUSINESS CARDInvitationsBryan Patrick Todd: Everybody Matters MuralMenuVICTORIAN EPHEMERA-INSPIRED WEDDING SUITEInvitationsKendrick KiddBusiness CardJessica HischeBLUE EYED YONDER BUSINESS CARDSMissy AustinFilipe & Paula wedding invitationShyama Goldenjessbright88TOOKER ALLEY BUSINESS CARDSStitchAlex RegisterSomething NavyInvitationsWinter’s Wedding InvitationTad CarpenterZIM AND ZOUCara CoxSymbolset catalogsBusiness CardsPrint MaterialsNicole Zeigler & Mike McQuade: Wedding MaterialsCHRIS & LEESA’S GREAT ADVENTUREStudio Sol Business CardJim TierneyStudent Work: Alex RegisterMissy AustinNick BrueTag Collective: Salad Pangea Identity and CollateralNick BrueFounders Brewing Co.Allan Peters: Target 50th Anniversary Party BrandingDAN GRETTA & THE FOREFATHERSKelli Marie: Personal StationeryAlison and Jeff55 Hi’s: Pick Your Poison Coasters2013 Calendar RangeMr Cup CoastersDickies Ringspun by Dustin WallaceSnippet & Ink42 Pressed: Ayat and Azaan Birth AnnouncementsKate Murphy | Jessica HischeCarina Skrobecki and Lizzy Showman: Blakely & Matthew Wedding MaterialsCASH KRECKEL THANK-YOU NOTEmikekusGoncharows Coaster Wedding InvitesInspired Photography Themed Journal by Lisa Congdon

35 Inspiring Vintage Illustrations

Vintage Illustrations

Who doesn’t love vintage? Not us! There has been a growing trend of vintage inspired designs. From packaging to typography, from posters to web designs, the vintage look is pervasive in the graphic design field right now. This is a showcase of the best vintage illustrations we could find on the web! Some are from yesteryear and others are inspired by those retro designs. You will see everything from packaging, to posters, to book covers, so checkout the showcase below for inspiration for your next design project.

The Showcase

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