William Beachy

On The Clock
  • I’m the President of Go Media Inc. But don’t let the title fool you, I still design, sell, illustrate and manage. I wear many hats.
  • The job of a company leader is simple. First, I need to know where we’re going and clearly communicate that to the staff. Second, I need to give the staff the tools they need to get us there. Third, I need to motivate them. And fourth, I need to work hard.
  • Perfect project? That’s easy: Big budget, tight deadline, highly creative with an easy customer. That’s my dream recipe.
Off the Clock
  • Sand volleyball has become my favorite sport to play. I also lift weights, run, row, hike and will do just about anything that allows me to work up a sweat.
  • I still love comic books. My favorite superhero is Batman. It’s because he has no real super powers. He’s just a really psychotic dude running around getting revenge for his parent’s murders. That’s cool.
  • Favorite films are Blade Runner and Shawshank Redemption.
  • I had a piece of my art shot into outer space – REALLY!