Synergy Physical Therapy Website Design

Go Media worked with Synergy Physical Therapy to plan, execute, and deliver a fully responsive website design. The website design focused on showcasing the services offered as well as encouraged visitors to check out their Wellness Blog. The minimalist design allows visitors to easy find the resources they are looking for when searching for a physical therapy provider as well as provides them with patient information and tips to staying healthy. We kept the look-and-feel clean to make navigating the site a breeze. We also kept the look cohesive with their brand image so that patients would immediately recognize Synergy Physical Therapy upon viewing the site.

One area where Go Media really wowed Synergy was with the rotating slider banner on the homepage. With bold text and snappy icons, prospective patients have a fun and eye-catching way to find exactly what they are looking for when they visit the site. By offering navigation in the banner, key pages will receive increased exposure and visitors will more easily find what they are searching for which can decrease your bounce rate and increase your SEO efficacy.

See the live site in action here!

Synergy Physical Therapy Website Design - Homepage 1

Synergy Physical Therapy Website Design - Homepage 2

Synergy Physical Therapy Website Design - Homepage 3

Synergy Physical Therapy Website Design - Homepage 4

On The Map CLE Series 3

On The Map 2013 Videos

On the Map is a video series produced by Go Media. For our third installment, Go Media worked again with Cleveland videographers Purple Films. We took things in a bit of a different direction in our third year by focusing on neighborhoods of Cleveland as well as sticking to our roots of featuring the coolest businesses and artists in Cleveland. The 2013 series featured the following Cleveland neighborhoods and hot-spots: University Circle, Downtown Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Ohio City, Momocho, F*Sho, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

University Circle

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ University Circle

Downtown Cleveland

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland Heights

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Cleveland Heights

Ohio City

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Ohio City


Momocho is an innovative, hip & exciting Ohio City restaurant highlighting Mexican cuisine with a focus on seasonal & local ingredients combined with unique presentations that capture the spirit of Mexico! Check out our video featuring a conversation with Momocho’s Eric Williams.


F*SHO is Cleveland’s premier furniture show. Featuring local designers that have created works seen all around Cleveland! From restaurants to store fronts and even bike racks. Check out our spotlight on Cleveland’s annual furniture design show.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens has over 10 acres of beautiful outdoor gardens as well as a Glasshouse that transports you to the Costa Rican rainforest full of plants, butterflies and birds, as well as to the spiny desert of Madagascar. Check out this video to experience a day in the life at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

OTM Video Series 2

On The Map 2012 Videos

On the Map is a video series produced by Go Media. The Cleveland video production series features unique businesses, artists, and locations around the city of Cleveland. For our second installment, Go Media worked with videographers Purple Films. The 2012 series featured the following Cleveland hot-spots: Luna Cafe, Ginko, Visible Voice, Reincarnation, Cleveland Cyclewerks, Rising Star, Rose Iron, and Le Petit Triangle.

Luna Cafe

Luna was started by pastry chef Bridget Thibeault, of Flour Girl, and restaurateurs John Emerman and Tatyana Rehn, of The Stone Oven. They joined together to bring specialty bakery and café-style dining to the Cedar-Fairmount district. Luna Bakery & Café is the result of their shared commitment to locally-produced foods and locally-owned businesses in Cleveland’s eastern suburb historic neighborhoods.


The menu features traditional Japanese Sushi and Shabu Shabu with a modern, Dante twist. The restaurant design features a “River Flowing Water Sushi Bar”, and illuminated Wall of Glass designed by Giancarlo Callichia. Come visit Tokyo in Cleveland.

Visible Voice

A bookstore with that lost independent feel — a relaxed, inviting environment conducive to discovery, where quality takes precedence over quantity, where the books marginalized by commercial concerns have a home.


Reincarnation breathes new life into vintage materials and antiques to create beautiful, homeware products. Ranging from furniture to decorative artifacts, this shop is a sure fire stop for one-of-a-kind, high quality items for your home. They are also available for custom residential and commercial client projects.

Cleveland Cyclewerks

CCW is a global company that sells products in the European Union, South Africs, Australia, the US as well as many other countries. The headquareters are located in Cleveland, Ohio where the prototype division is located as well as partner shops all across Ohio.

Rising Star

A small batch roaster supplying wholesale and retail customers. They carefully select specialty grade coffees from around the world, roast to optimize the flavors and immediately package to insure the maximum freshness. All coffee is shipped or delivered within one day of roasting.

Rose Iron

For over 100 years, Rose Iron Works has been a family-owned source for premiere quality decorative metalwork. Their rich heritage of architectural, ornamental and sculptural metalwork may be found in prominent homes, institutions and collections.

Le Petit Triangle

Le Petit Triangle Cafe is your place to meet, eat and drink in Ohio City. Modeled after a true Parisian cafe, the Triangle is your morning stop for a fresh croissant and espresso, your lunch time meeting room and your evening hangout for wine, cocktails and good food with friends and family.

On The Map CLE Video Series

On The Map 2011 Videos

On the Map is a video series produced by Go Media. We feature unique businesses, artists, and locations around the city of Cleveland. We worked with videographer Aaron Freeder to show-off our Cleveland video production chops. In our first year, 2011, we featured the following Cleveland hot-spots: Market Garden Brewery, Dredgers Union, Go Media, Bad Racket, 2nd Shift, Noodlecat, Joy Machines, and Cleveland Cinematheque.

Go Media

Located in Ohio City, Go Media offers design services, products and knowledge for clients who seek unexpected and compelling visual communications. Comprised of artists, programmers and strategists, they develop marketing materials that help clients capture attention and build brand affinity.

Market Garden Brewery

Market Garden is a Brewery & Distillery in the burgeoning ‘Market District’ on west 25th street, Ohio City. They offer seasonal beers brewed on the premises, Pub Fare served through the night, a comfortable indoor / outdoor setting, and a soon to launch line of spirits claiming the title of Cleveland’s first micro-distillery.

Dredgers Union

The Dredgers Union is a lifestyle store with a wide variety of men’s and women’s apparel, home goods, and just about everything in between. Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland’s East 4th St neighborhood, and featuring it’s own domestically produced private label of apparel and home goods, The Dredgers Union places an emphasis on “Domestically Produced Values.”

Bad Racket

Bad Racket is a craft recording studio on the west edge of Ohio City. Formed by three passionate music lovers, the studio evolved from raw warehouse into a warm inviting space for musicians to document their creations. In their first year, they’ve worked with more than thirty-five artists, gained recognition from Cleveland’s Press Club, and organized a music festival at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

2nd Shift

2nd Shift is a contemporary product design studio located in Ohio City, Cleveland. It’s owned and run by seven partners, a group of creatives with diverse skills and varying backgrounds all working towards a common goal: design and build smart, beautiful, and useful products. Their first year has seen the development of a design studio – workshop, and their first line of products.


Noodlecat is a slurpalicious Japanese-American mash-up from Chef Jonathon Sawyer. Inspired by Tokyo noodle worship and noodle houses, Noodlecat recreates traditionally inspired flavors using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients following sustainable business practices in all areas of restaurant operation.

Joy Machines

Joy Machines is a full-service community-oriented startup bike shop in Ohio City’s Market Square District, jointly owned and operated by Ohio City natives Alex Nosse and Renato Pereira-Castillo. Whether you’re an everyday cyclist, commuter, or someone interested in integrating bicycles into your daily routine, these guys are committed and passionate about growing Cleveland’s bike culture.

Cleveland Cinematheque

The Cleveland Cinematheque seeks out independent films that otherwise would not be shown in the city, and throughout the years has garnered much recognition. Director John Ewing was named a Chevalier in the order of Arts and Letters by the French Government, and the New York Times touts the cinematheque as one of the country’s best repertory movie theaters.

COSE Warm and Bright Website Design 3

COSE Warm and Bright

The designers at Go Media are proud to approach each and every project with passion. But we must admit, our ongoing partnership with COSE and specifically, our assistance with the launch of their Warm and Bright campaign, has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Not only did we have a ball coming up with the festive concepts for COSE, but more importantly, we wholeheartedly support the cause behind the designs. You see, when anyone visits COSE’s Warm and Bright landing page and clicks to share, COSE donates $1 to families in need.

The donations, made in each visitors name, will be made through Dominion EnergyShare, a heating and cooling assistance program that helps families in need. Last year, the program donated $4 million to those suffering financial hardships related to unemployment or family crisis.

What do you say we top it this year?

Head to the Warm & Bright site and COSE will donate $1 in your name!

COSE Warm and Bright Website Design - homepage

Seneca Press Responsive Website Design

Go Media Framework

Some of our customers came to us with a concern. They wanted top notch quality, but simply didn’t have the budget for a fully custom website.

We took their challenge head-on.

Go Media has been creating innovative web solutions for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve tested a wide variety of web technologies and have curated a selection of reliable and trusted core solutions. What has resulted through our experience is the Go Media Framework – a fully responsive, feature-rich theme that was hand-coded and is lovingly supported by the talented developers here at Go Media. We leverage a powerful, award winning Content Management System (CMS) as the foundation for back end administration.

The Framework allows us to quickly customize and deploy highly functional websites at a fraction of the cost. We’ve integrated eCommerce, tied it to social networks, and used it as a foundation for image galleries. With our custom toolkit and the vast array of plugins and modules available, we can achieve nearly any goals. However, ensuring that any technology we implement have been thoroughly tested for reliability and usability is paramount. As we say: “On the cutting edge without bleeding.”

Not only are our customer’s wallets happy, but they’ve each launched their own unique sites quickly and on their own terms.

Corporate Narratives Group Responsive Website Design

NEO MFA Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Responsive Website Design

Market Connect Responsive Website Design

Mockup Everything

Thanks to the users of our first design mockup web application from Go Media Shirt Mockup, we realized that designers were looking for more than just t-shirts. This inspired us to create Mockup Everything.

Mockup Everything is an easy-to-use online platform for applying your designs to a variety of print products, including apparel, devices, business stationary and more!

How to Use

Graphic artists, can visually prototype their merchandise designs and save jpeg snapshots to share with their clients or marketplace. This is a great way to test a product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process.

Mockup this Leotard in Mockup Everything

Mockup this t-shirt in Mockup Everything

Mockup this Street Billboard in Mockup Everything

Mockup this Wheat Paste Posters in Mockup Everything

GoMediaZine Responsive Website Design


The Go Media Zine is an awesome digital blog that allows the sharing of ideas, tutorials, and more! Not to mention the web design was all done by the Cleveland web designers at Go Media.GoMediaZine Blog Design Tutorial Page FinalGoMediaZine Website Design - inspiration pageGoMediaZine Blog Design Video and Podcasts Page

Croes Oliva Group Responsive Website Design

Croes Oliva Group

Croes Oliva is a medical consulting firm that approached Go Media for a custom website design. The site was built on WordPress and includes a custom sliding header.

Croes Oliva Group website

Croes Oliva Group Website Design Interior Webpage 2Croes Oliva Group Website Design Interior Webpage 1

Proof Lab Project Management Software

Proof Lab

Go Media has always been a strange combination of passions – art and business. So, it was no surprise that when Go Media started we were consistently thinking about the business systems side of being a graphic designer. How do we keep track of our projects? How do we track our time? How do we deliver proofs to our clients? We were anxious to start building these systems for Go Media.

Proof Lab Project Management Software - Homepage

It wasn’t long before we digitally designed the original Prooflab v1. It was a very simple online tool. Users would fill out a form and select proofs. Prooflab would automatically build a web page with our client proofs on it so that we could avoid any mishaps with client’s being unable to open .jpegs in email attachments.

It took us about a year and a half to build Prooflab v2. It was a major leap forward in functionality from Prooflab v1. The basic structure of the site was as follows – both the client and the designers would log-in through the web. Once logged into the system, they would see a projects queue (a list) of all their projects. The list would include things like project number, title, client (or designer), status and deadline. You would click on a project to see the project details. The details of the project included items like: general description, project specs, hours logged, correspondence, proofs and design team. From there, the user could post/review proofs, send an e-mail or edit/request changes to the project.

Finally, on the third go at it – things started to click. Of the utmost importance to the version 3 upgrades was the fundamental structure with which Prooflab handled the organization of the information. Additionally, we were constantly asking ourselves how we could keep the interface as simple and ergonomic as possible. The system had to be so simple and intuitive that a child could use it. And yet, it had to manage very complex projects and piles of information. With this in mind, we tried to build intuitive layers of information; giving the user only what they need at any given moment with a clear path to more information.

I Got Brains Fest 2012 Poster Design 6

I Got Brains Fest 2012

I Got Brains Poster Design

I Got Brains Poster Design Closeup

I Got Brains Fest contacted Go Media to create a poster design for I Got Brains Fest 2012, a two-day independent art and music celebration hosted by Flannel Gurl Records.

I Got Brains Poster Design

The Guns Album Art - header 2

The Guns Double LP

Smog Veil Records asked Go Media to create the album art for the special edition Double LP for legendary 80s hardcore punk band The Guns. This is their pièce de résistance; the epic collection of nearly all the band’s recorded material. We kept Vince Rancid’s original illustration from the 80s as the cover and designed the rest of the package, labels, and liner notes.

The Guns Double LP Album Design FrontThe Guns Double LP Album Design Back

According to their website, “Scott Eakin and Dave Araca formed the band originally as a 2-piece, later adding to the lineup some amazing rippers in the form of Sean Saley, Bob Ries, and Scott Silverman Though a couple compilation appearances is all they managed back in the day, this release collects those tracks plus all other studio recordings, as well as some choice live cuts. The LP also features Vince Rancid’s original cover art as commissioned by the band in the 80s.”

The Guns Double LP Album Design

The band sent us dozens of flyers and old photos. We wanted to capture the essence of what it was like to wreak havoc in the 80s hardcore punk scene. We purposefully kept things black and white aimed to match the photocopied, cut, pasted, and stenciled look.

The Guns Double LP Album Design Interior

Since the band has such a rich history and a few of its members have died (RIP Scott and David!), The Guns have taken on many forms. The liner notes tell full story from beginning to end. This is a true taste of Midwestern hardcore punk in the 80s.

One Good Reason Poster Design

One Good Reason

One Good Reason T-shirt by Go Media

Crowell Advertising contacted Go Media to create the next t-shirt design for I Got Brains Fest 2012, a two day art and music celebration in Blacksburg, VA hosted by Flannel Gurl Records! After two years of organizing shows around southwest, VA this was the only way we could think of to say thank you to everyone we have met along the way so far!. They describe themselves as “a symbol of independence, of freedom from control, and of the smoke-free lifestyle we embrace.” We liked the message and were happy to work with them!

One Good Reason Design

OGR is very focused on music, art, and culture. Every month, they feature an artist and make the t-shirt and poster they designed available for purchase. Go Media’s own Jeff Finley was the featured artist for June 2012. You can get the shirt here.

One Good Reason Design Close-up

FIT force velocity curve infographic 3

FIT Phase Diagram and Force Velocity Curve

FIT force velocity curve infographic

Phases of training infographic

We started by researching other diagrams used to explain these concepts. We took the best of what we found and vetted it against F.I.T.’s particular training philosophies. Next we established a color code to represent effort. Red equaled maximum effort, yellow was minimum effort. Overlapping gradients were used to create the look of a smooth transition combined with segmenting the phases. These diagrams became the backbone of F.I.T.’s marketing materials. Used on both print and web marketing materials, they communicated the sophistication of F.I.T.’s approach to training and physical fitness.

Alternate FIT FVC infographic

Infographics force velocity curve

Funkrush 3D Typography


Pete Harrison of the fashion brand Funkrush asked Go Media to do a few designs for him. This was in 2007, and we had been doing a lot of 3D typography design experiments. So we thought it would be fun to try something out for Pete. Most of the work was done in 3DS Max and some post production done in Photoshop.

funkrush 3d typography by go media

Parachute Journalists Poster Design - Header

Parachute Journalists

Jeff Finley’s former band Parachute Journalists (which also starred former Go Media designer Adam Wagner on vocals and guitar) played a show on January 9th in Lakewood, OH. This is the poster for the show. The band played with Lowly the Tree Ghost, Panoramic, and Lost in Society at the 5 O’Clock Lounge.

parachute journalists poster by jeff finley