Free Feminist Vector Pack on Go Media's Zine by Shelby Criswell

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Free Feminist Vector Pack!

Download our Free Feminist Vector Pack!

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s time to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women” – which we should be doing every day if you ask us. But the fact that women get this extra special day is pretty awesome anyway, so we’ll take it! We wanted to do something special today, so we are releasing a Free Feminist Vector Pack by one of our favorite female designers!

This pack is totally free and totally awesome, so we hope you enjoy it.

The Feminism Vector pack was created by Shelby Criswell, an independent comic book maker, trouble starter, freelance illustrator, and bluegrass lovin’ dork (her words!) straight outta San Antonio, TX that loves to play around with funky linework and strange fonts. Shelby is an artist who creates a lot of cool products for us for our Arsenal, home of the best vectors, textures, mockups, and tutorials in town.

Hey, speaking of awesome women, do us a favor and give Shelby credit for being a kick-ass female…

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Now, onto Shelby’s Feminist Vector Pack – go download and do great things!

Download >> Go Media’s Feminist Freebie Pack

Free Feminist Vector Pack

Free Skull Vector Download

Free Skull Vector Download

Download Free Stock Vectors & How to Use Them PDF

Download: Free Stock Vectors Guide & Freebies

Go Media’s vectors are known industry-wide as being the best of the best. We have thousands of these hand-crafted illustrations (all royalty-free) for you to use in your own design work. But not everyone knows how to work with them. So, if you need assistance using them, we’re here to help!

Free Constellation Vectors

Download of the Day: Free Constellation Vectors

Free Constellation Vectors

Join us every Thursday, when your friends here at the Arsenal take over the Go Media blog to share insights, tips, freebies or other fun to brighten your work day.

Today we’re releasing a pack which includes free constellation vectors.

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The Download: Free Constellation Vectors from Go Media’s Arsenal

Free Constellation Vectors

Free Star Vector Pack

Download of the Day: Star Vector Pack

Free Star Vector Pack

Join us every Thursday, when your friends here at the Arsenal take over the Go Media blog to share insights, tips, freebies or other fun to brighten your work day.

Today we’re sharing some gold star elements we created exclusively for you. Check out the Arsenal for more vectors known the ’round the world for being the best of the best.

Here’s what you’ll get with today’s download:

Free Star Vector Pack

Did you know that all of Go Media’s vectors are royalty free? We have thousands of hand-crafted illustrations like these you can use in your work, so definitely head over to the Arsenal to check them out.

Love our products? Access our huge product library ($11k in resources) and exclusive content for only $15/mth. Yes, seriously. Learn more now.

Here’s your download >> Star Vector Pack from Go Media’s Arsenal

Have a great day, everyone!

Cleveland Vector Freebie

We Love CLE Vector Freebie!

Download our Cleveland Vector Freebie

On behalf of our beloved Cleveland Cavaliers making it to this year’s NBA Finals, may we present you with a vector freebie pack dedicated to our great city. This We Love CLE Vector Freebie contains vectors direct from our digital marketplace, the Arsenal.

If you haven’t heard, the Arsenal is stocked with the world’s best design resources – including mockup templates, textures, vectors, tutorials, fonts and more – over $11,000 in products to make your life as a designer and entrepreneur go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Have access to all of these resources for only $15 per month when you become a member.

But, for now, download our Cleveland vector freebie, which hooks you up with three vectors from two packs (our Iconic Cleveland Vector Pack and our City Skyline Vector Pack).

Here are the vectors you’ll get:

Cleveland Vector Freebie

These include the famous Guardian of Traffic and two skylines of the city.

Download them here and love them forever >WeLoveCLE

Go Cavs!

Free Vector Download and the Collection of 500+ Hand-Drawn Vectors You’ve Been Waiting For

500+ Hand-Drawn Occult Symbols and Esoteric Designs: Free Vector Download Included –

Download the ultimate, hand-drawn, esoteric and occult vector illustration collection. Every one was drawn by hand by Go Media partner Jeff Finley. It includes over 500 vector symbols, icons, drawings, and illustrations created in the same hand-drawn style so they all work together to create an unlimited variety of designs. Great for bands shirts, gigposters, album artwork, and other works of art. In the mood to create something that looks ancient and old-world? Check. What about something conspiratorial? What about something pseudo-religious or occult? What about something mystical, magical, or alchemical? This pack can do all of that!

View Collection ->

This collection includes all of the following:

  1. All-Seeing Eyes – 24 images
  2. Arrow Motifs – 17 images
  3. Astrological & Zodiac – 68 images
  4. Hand-Drawn Circles and Lines – 29 images
  5. Hand-Drawn Esoteric Brushes – 13 images (how to install brushes)
  6. Crosses – 40 images
  7. Dark Occult – 20 images
  8. Alchemy and Occult – 77 images
  9. Keys and Anchors – 12 images
  10. Ancient Runes – 71 images
  11. Hand-Drawn Shapes – 88 images
  12. Skulls and Crossbones – 20 images
  13. Spiritual and Esoteric – 38 images
  14. Wings, Laurels, and Bolts – 18 images
  15. Esoteric Misc – 30 images
  16. Pre-made Esoteric Designs – 8 images

Total: 573 images

Try ’em out with our free download ->

Hand Drawn Esoteric and Occult Collection Freebie by Jeff Finley

Let’s look at the goods





Learn more now!

Free Arsenal Templates & More: Go Media’s Arsenal Freebie Sampler

Free Arsenal Templates & More: Vector, eBook, Mockup Template, Font and Textures Freebie!

Hello Go Media Faithful! We have got to say, our Arsenal customers are the best around. We’re constantly inspired by what you create and consistently moved to produce new products due to your brilliant suggestions. We want to say thank you with this, a small token of our appreciation. Download our free Arsenal Sampler, including Free Arsenal templates and more now at!

You get:

Tennery Font (Light)


iPhone in Hand Mockup Template PSD


Right Lower Arm (for Tattoo) Mockup Template PSD


Zipper Hoodie Mockup Template PSD


6 Textures

free arsenal templates-gma_tex_set04_motion-blur13-720x478

1 Vector Sampler

free arsenal templates-gma_freebie_vector-sampler_august_2014-720x540

Design Tools Freebie

free arsenal templates vector-freebie-preview

Drawn to Business eBook Sample

free arsenal templates graphic design ebook 2

As well as 2 Coupons good for: 1 Free Pro Month of Mockup Everything

free arsenal templates MUEcoupon

& $25 Arsenal Credit (off of a purchase of $75 or more)

free arsenal templates ArsenalCoupon

Go get it now at!

Vector Freebie: Go Media Design Tools

It’s your lucky day.

Hey Go Media Faithful!

As many of you know, we’ve done a good bit of work to the ‘ole Go Media Storefront in the last year.


Because of this, our very own Carly Utegg has been hard at work designing the window elements seen in heavenly “After” image above.

We love the design tools she created so very much that we’ve decided to release a vector freebie based on her designs.

Yep, just for you.

Just head over to the Arsenal and snatch ’em right up!

Hurry before it becomes a $1.00 download!

Freebie time! A look at set 22

Freebie time! A look back at set 22

A blast from the (recent) past

Remember vector set 22? We’ve been having a look back at our releases this year, and we feel that it didn’t get as noticed as we would have liked. I mean, this set still includes the coolest pack of vintage hot rods that I’ve seen.

Vintage Cars Vector Pack - Set 22

What was in that set, anyways?

The underlining theme for the set was everything 1950s, rockabilly, and tattoo. We had a pack of 1950s items, vintage cars, rockabilly stuff, pinups, pinstripesretro tattoos, and period-themed skull and wings.

Vintage Cars Vector Pack - Set 22 Rockabilly Icons Vector Pack - Set 22 Pinstripe Vector Pack - Set 22 Pinup Vector Pack - Set 22 Skull and Wings Vector Pack - Set 22 Retro Tattoos Vector Pack - Set 22 The 50s Vector Pack - Set 22

We also used it for tutorials

Create an Iconic Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set 22 – Poster preview

We used that set as a support for a lengthy, two-part poster tutorial. The first part is about creating the above poster, and was written by Steve Knerem. The second part was about making it more period accurate, and was written by yours truly.

Create an Iconic Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set 22, part II – Poster preview

Freebie, you guys!

In order to put the set back on everybody’s radar, and because we like you very much, we’re releasing a freebie pack of our favorite items from the set. Thanks, comments (below), and showcasing of uses are appreciated.

Set 22 - Freebie pack!

Download the Set 22 freebie pack

You should also have a look at the full set on the Arsenal.

Free Vector Pack 15 Sampler

Hi folks!

We just released brand new collection of high quality vectors in Vector Pack 15!

It includes @oliverbarrett’s suggestion for Arabesque, a mind bending collection of Op Art, a detailed sequel in Ornate 2, Graffiti, Fashion, Dee Jay and some authentic Architectural Design Elements.

This was a fun vector pack. I went through and picked out my personal favorites from each pack to share with you guys & gals in this free sample. Download and play!

free vector pack 15 sampler preview

Grab the free Vector Pack 15 sampler by clicking below!


Free Vector Set 14 Sampler

vector pack 14 free sample

Well we hope it’s been worth the wait! To celebrate the release of Complete Vector Set 14 we’re sharing favorite pieces from each of the 7 packs. There’s a lot more to see though – look through the image galleries for more eye candy.

So far, we’ve released these three packs from Set 14:

  • Hand Drawn Wings
  • Ornate Patterns
  • Skeletons

And here’s what is new since the last sneak preview:

  • Superheroes
  • Sketchbook
  • Textile Patterns
  • Fight

Also, don’t forget to post your latest artwork on the Go Media User Showcase. If it catches our eye it could be featured here on the Go MediaZine! I hope you like the free samples, but if you get the chance check out the full set.

vector pack sampler preview


vector pack 14 screenshot

Vector Freebie: Skeletons

free vector art, vector freebie, vector pack

Hey, sometimes it’s just fun to design with skulls, zombies & other not so living characters. The new vector skeletons from Vector Set 14 bring something different to the table. Inside you’ll find close ups of bones, teeth, claws, rib cages, silhouettes, and even punk-ready illustrated skeleton characters. The pack is project-ready & has everything you need to make something really awesome.

Check out how the skeleton “pops” in the header graphic for this post! Be creative with this pack, it’s really loaded.

vector freebie, free vector art, skeletons

For this freebie I picked this awesome skeleton that Jeff Finley hand drew & vectorized. You can download this one for free & get the all 23 images for $9.99.


vector freebie vector pack skeletons

Vector Freebie: Ornate Flourish & Pattern


It’s Monday, and that means another taste of upcoming Vector Set 14. And this one is particularly tasty!

First of all, none of these ornate images are recycled from low-resolution stock. We’ve created each one from scratch and have baggy eyes to show for it. It might be hard to tell the difference in a low resolution web browser, but inspect the line quality in Adobe Illustrator to appreciate the clean detail.

The full Ornate Patterns Vector Pack has 13 ornate flourishes and 13 seamless ornate patterns to go along! The patterns tile seamlessly, so they’re great for filling backgrounds.

ornate flourish vector patterns

Here is one of my favorite flourishes from the pack for free. Still, the whole pack is only $9.99 for hours & hours of illustration work done by Go Media artists. It’s a steal!



Vector Freebie: Hand Drawn Wings

For Vector Pack 14, Hand Drawn Wings became a stand out example of why we love to create art. Graphite, ink & moleskine fibers went flying & soon Go Media artists Adam Law, Jeff Finely & Bill Beachy had created a truly impressive collection of wings. We’re really happy with how it turned out, so we decided to release it now all by itself! Don’t worry, more art from Vector Set 14 will be continue to be revealed.

hand drawn wings freebie vector


Check out the love & quality linework in this free sample. Remember you can get the whole pack for the price of lunch at the Arsenal!

hand drawn wings store image

Hand Drawn Vector Eyeball Freebie

Awhile back I got a friendly email from designer & illustrator Rich Nosworthy saying he had some fun eyeball vectors to share. After poking around his well developed portfolio, I was excited to see what he had in mind.


He didn’t disappoint! In the file below there are six hand drawn vector eyeballs. They’ve got a great sketchy feel and sport highlights, reflections & veins.

Since we’re on the subject of freebies – go ahead & check out our freebies archives (if you haven’t already!). There are a ton of free design resources in the archives of the Go MediaZine if you can sniff them out.

Thanks Rich!