Free iPhone 7 Mockup

Download our Free iPhone 7 Mockup Templates Pack!

Yep, a totally free iPhone 7 Mockup Templates Pack

We just launched a free iPhone 7 Mockup Templates Pack, so what are you waiting for? Go download it now over on the Arsenal, the home of the World’s Best Mockup Templates, Vectors, Textures and more.

This Free iPhone 7 mockup templates pack includes two mockup templates that will help you show off your website/app in a realistic way. The pack includes an iPhone 7 in both flat and angled versions and includes the different options listed below. These mockups have assisted us in pulling our portfolio together and hope they will do the same for you.

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Here are the various options our iPhone 7 Mockup Templates Pack give you:

  • iPhone 7 Flat
  • iPhone 7 Flat (with hand)
  • iPhone 7 with backgrounds (with or without hand) with backgrounds – modern office space, desktop workspace, coffee shop, park outside
  • iPhone 7 Angled
  • iPhone 7 Angled (with hand)
  • iPhone 7 Angled (with or without hand) with backgrounds – modern office space, desktop workspace, coffee shop, park outside

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Download of the Day: 3 Free Photo Templates

Grab our 3 Free Photo Templates

Join us on Thursdays, when your friends here at the Arsenal take over the Go Media blog to share insights, tips, freebies or other fun to brighten your work day.

Today we’re releasing three photo templates for your use in any personal project. Enjoy!

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Download now: Go Media Freebie – Photo Templates

Check out the goods:

Download of the Day: 3 Free Photo Templates

Photo Template Freebie

In order to use your template:

  1. Open the Photoshop template in Photoshop
  2. File > Place your image into the “Your Artwork Here” layer
  3. You’re done!
ugly sweater mockup template

Just a free Ugly Sweater Mockup Template to get you through your day

Ugly Sweater Mockup Template

We’re really getting into the Christmas mood here at Go Media. How do we express that? We create an ugly Christmas sweater mockup template, of course! We want to spread some joy, so please spin some soothing holiday jams and download this freebie with a hot cup of cocoa in your hands. Enjoy it and have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season.

Ugly Sweater Me

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50+ Gig Poster Designs We’re Obsessed with & Free Poster Mockup PSD Download

Free Poster Mockup PSD Included!

Here at Go Media, we are obsessed with poster design, because – one, it’s in our blood. (We’ve been designing concert and rave posters since the ’90’s.) Two, we’re die-hard illustrators at heart and three, it’s just all sorts of fun.

We hope you enjoy our newest collection of poster inspirations and that this post inspires you to create your own.

When inspiration hits, here’s a free Go Media Poster Photoshop Mockup Template  to show off your work upon. Not a Photoshop user? Mock up your work on a free poster mockup on our site, Go make us proud!

Here’s your download >> Poster Mockup Template (6) from


More Mockup Templates >>

Get Inspired:

Click on each poster to be taken to its source, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for non-stop inspiration goodness!

Designer: Doe Eyed Design
Designer: Doe Eyed Design
Designer: Mishka White
Designer: Mishka White
Designer: Tad Carpenter
Designer: Little Jacket
Designer: Little Jacket
Designer: Drew Millward
Designer: Drew Millward
Designer: Anne Benjamin
Designer: Anne Benjamin
Designer: Kevin Tong
Designer: Kevin Tong
Designer: Two Arms Inc.
Designer: Two Arms Inc.
Designer: Drew Milward
Designer: Drew Milward
Designer: Sasha Barr
Designer: Sasha Barr
Brandi Carlile
Designer: Matthew Fleming
Designer: Nick Dew
Designer: Nick Dew
Designer: Billy Sours
Designer: Billy Sours
Designer: Billy Sours
Designer: Papa Sagg
Designer: Balaclava Studio
Designer: Matt Saunders
Designer: The Young Men’s Danger Club
Designer: Jud Haynes
Designer: Shawn Knight
Designer: Shawn Knight
Designer: Status Serigraph
Designer: Status Serigraph
Designer: Wes Art Studio
Designer: Balaclava Studio
Designer: Ivan Minsloff
Designer: Kevin Tong
Designer: Kevin Tong
Designer: Neal Williams
Designer: Eno Trams
Designer: Concepcion Studios
Designer: James Heimer
Designer: Darren Grealish
Designer: Andy J. Miller
Designer: Subject Matter Studio
Designer: Rob Jones
Designer: Jack Hudson
Designer: Jack Hudson
Designer: The Silent Giants
Designer: David Welker
Designer: David Welker
Designer: Graham Pilling
Designer: Graham Pilling
Designer: Mark Brye
Designer: Mark Brye
Designer: Jeff Proctor
Designer: Jeff Proctor
Designer: Halftonedef Studios
Designer: Halftonedef Studios
Designer: Mount Pleasant
Designer: Mount Pleasant
Designer: Gwenola Carrere
Designer: Gwenola Carrere


Designer: Rob Jones
Designer: Rob Jones
Designer: Horse
Designer: Horse
Designer: Johnny Crap
Designer: Johnny Crap
Designer: Münster Studio
Designer: Münster Studio
Designer: Subject Matter Studio
Designer: Subject Matter Studio
Designer: UglyBogus
Designer: UglyBogus
Designer: Thomas Perrodin
Designer: Thomas Perrodin
Designer: Methane Studios
Designer: Methane Studios

Show us what you’re made of! Link us to your poster designs in the comments section below!

torn paper effect like eternal sunshine

Tutorial: Create a Torn Paper Effect like Eternal Sunshine – Smart Object Template Available

One of my favorite movies of all time is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also really love the movie posters that featured a torn paper effect across the person’s eyes with some text underneath. Nice job by BLT on the original posters. I thought it would be cool to make my own version and show you how I did it.

If you want to skip this whole thing and make it easy, I’ve made a Smart Object Photoshop Template so you can easily add your own photo and text. Just double click the smart object layers, paste in your photo, save, and voila! You can even swap out the torn paper images if you’d like. This message brought to you by the keen minds behind digital marketing in Cleveland, Go Media.

Purchase Torn Paper Effect – Smart Object PSD Template – $2.99

On with the tutorial! You’ll need Photoshop CS5 or newer for this.

1. Set up your Photoshop Document

I just started with new document at 486×755 pixels. It’s not high res, but I have no intentions on printing this. It’s mostly just to display on the web. document setup

2. Create your torn paper layers

You can create these from scratch, but I found it easier to just find some torn paper vectors online. If you create your own, you can use the pen tool in Photoshop or Illustrator and draw your own torn paper edges. Be sure to create several variations. Create two parts for each torn paper piece. One will be the “edge” and the other will be the “mask.” The edge is white part with the drop shadow and the mask is the grey part of the paper that will act as a clipping mask for the graphics we want to place on the paper itself. vector torn paper vector torn paper

3. Paste in each torn paper layer into Photoshop

I copied the white part of the torn paper first into Photoshop and enlarged it to fill my document size. Then I copied and pasted the grey part of the torn paper and enlarged it enough to look good with the edge. Place them a little bit apart so there is enough white edge visible. Do this for each “piece” of torn paper. Remember, you want a “mask” and an “edge” layer. Then add a drop shadow to each of the edge layers. torn paper layers

4. Create a top and bottom piece for your portrait photo

You will take one of the pieces of paper (2 layers each: mask and edge) and use it for the TOP layer. The TOP most layer, you’ll need to extend the paper to the edges of the document. It is within THIS mask you will add your headshot photo. Notice how I arranged the paper pieces so they are closer together? See below: top layer mask

5. Paste in your own photo!

Now this is the fun part. You can paste in your headshot photo above the top piece’s “mask” layer. And then right click on the mask layer and select “create clipping mask.” See how I have my layers set up below. I have also put in a paper texture for a more textured effect. picture of me clipping masks

6. Paste in more photos for each piece of torn paper

I wanted to go for the “torn magazine” look so I sought out some old vintage ads online. I pasted them in each piece of paper group and set the clipping mask just like I did for my top photo above. This is the effect I get below: paste more photos

7. Do the same for the bottom part!

You’re going to repeat the steps to the same for the bottom section. One quick way is to simply duplicate all the top layers and flip them vertically. Then swap out all the photos with new ones so they are different. One suggestion is to rearrange the order and positioning of the torn paper pieces so it looks different from the top. 6-bottompart

8. Add text

See the space in between? That’s where we will add our text! I also added a dark paper texture set to “screen” to and some additional shadows using the paintbrush tool so I could get a more realistic effect. See my layer structure below: add your own text

9. Add textures and final effects

One thing that will tie the whole thing together is some colorizing and textures. You’ll notice I have a dark reddish brown layer set to “screen” to color my darks. And a tan color to colorize my lights. Those are set to a reduced opacity to not have an overpowering effect. I also had a couple vignetting layers to bring more of a framing/focus to the image. There’s a levels adjustment layer to brighten and boost the contrast of everything all together. And finally there is a film grain layer set to “overlay” and reduced to 40% opacity. A film grain layer is just a layer filled with 50% grey color with a noise filter put on it. Tweak the settings to what you think looks good. color effects

10. You’re done!

eternal sunshine torn paper effect final image

Bonus: Download the PSD

Or just download the PSD template and make it easy on yourself. Again, you don’t have to go through all these steps if you don’t want to. Just download the PSD file yourself. I set it up with Smart Objects so you can just double click on the layers that you are supposed to swap out with your own photos. Purchase Torn Paper Effect – Smart Object PSD Template – $2.99

Here are a few examples!

Have fun!

torn paper effect example

torn paper effect example

torn paper effect example

torn paper effect example

Free T-Shirt Design Mockup Templates from Your Friends at Go Media

The Power of the Mockup

Hello there Designers!

As you know, we absolutely love and believe in the power of the mockup here at Go Media. After all, we’ve dedicated our two realistic mockup subscription sites, and, as well as our digital marketplace, the Arsenal, to this, one of the most important steps in the design process.

We believe that mockup templates are your best friend if you want to:

  • Present your design to clients in a realistic, 3D setting on an actual product
  • Test your product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process
  • Impress and entice family, friends and future clients who’ll drool over your designs
  • Fully customize the appearance of your design and end product
  • Completely revamp your portfolio

Sharing is Caring

Another one of our loves is the sharing of resources among the design community. So, today we thought we’d share some of the free t-shirt design mockup templates we offer on and, as well as a sample Photoshop mockup template from our Arsenal.

Standard T-Shirt jpeg snapshot available free on

free t-shirt design mockup templates standard t-shirt

Distressed T-Shirt jpeg snapshot available free on

free t-shirt design mockup templates 2

Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt jpeg snapshot available free on


Men’s Distressed T-Shirt jpeg snapshot available free on

free t-shirt design mockup templates 4

Women’s Crew Neck T-Shirt (Modelshot) jpeg snapshot available free on

free t-shirt design mockup templates 5

Women’s Deep V-Neck T-Shirt jpeg snapshot available free on

free t-shirt design mockup templates 6

Free Download

Free Photoshop Template Download from the Arsenal
Instant Download here: Ladies Ribbed Tank Top from Go Media’s Arsenal


For many, many more templates, visit us at and, where we offer realistic mockups for designers looking to apply their designs to templates quickly and easily (without fancy software like Photoshop).

For those looking for more customization, head to our Arsenal to check out our Photoshop mockup templates. We’ve got the World’s Best, you know.

Free Arsenal Templates & More: Go Media’s Arsenal Freebie Sampler

Free Arsenal Templates & More: Vector, eBook, Mockup Template, Font and Textures Freebie!

Hello Go Media Faithful! We have got to say, our Arsenal customers are the best around. We’re constantly inspired by what you create and consistently moved to produce new products due to your brilliant suggestions. We want to say thank you with this, a small token of our appreciation. Download our free Arsenal Sampler, including Free Arsenal templates and more now at!

You get:

Tennery Font (Light)


iPhone in Hand Mockup Template PSD


Right Lower Arm (for Tattoo) Mockup Template PSD


Zipper Hoodie Mockup Template PSD


6 Textures

free arsenal templates-gma_tex_set04_motion-blur13-720x478

1 Vector Sampler

free arsenal templates-gma_freebie_vector-sampler_august_2014-720x540

Design Tools Freebie

free arsenal templates vector-freebie-preview

Drawn to Business eBook Sample

free arsenal templates graphic design ebook 2

As well as 2 Coupons good for: 1 Free Pro Month of Mockup Everything

free arsenal templates MUEcoupon

& $25 Arsenal Credit (off of a purchase of $75 or more)

free arsenal templates ArsenalCoupon

Go get it now at!

T-shirt Template Freebie

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a freebie on the Go MediaZine, and an email I got this morning provided the perfect opportunity.

Here’s what Jan had to say about the Fitted Ladies Apparel Templates we just released:

I just love your t-shirt templates for both guys and girls and as a shirt designer they are very useful but I have one request that would help me out even more, an added side view of the left and right sides of the shirts. Many requests have been for a shirt design that runs across the side so I just thought I’d ask. Thanks for everything!!

What You Get

Thanks for the idea Jan!

The side view Ladies T-Shirt template is exclusive to this freebie – it’s not part of any pack (yet). It does include all the little improvements though, like the Highlights layer, the Shirt Color layer, the streamlined clipping mask arrangement, and the “Sleeves only” mask.

This template should make it easy to drop your designs onto the side of a shirt, or just down the sleeve.
T-shirt template freebie

Go ahead and experiment with this template, I mean, it’s free. Hopefully you can use it to impress a client (or maybe just your friends).

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the full version.