Podcast: Why Illustrator Liz Mac is a Weapon of Mass Creation &How to Share Your Story

Podcast: Why Illustrator Liz Mac is a Weapon of Mass Creation & Are You?

In this new audio series by Go Media, we sit down and talk with the contributors, sponsors, and attendees of our design conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, to find out more about them and why they are Weapons of Mass Creation.

This week, we sit down with Nova Scotia Illustrator and WMC Attendee Liz Mac to find out why the conference moved her to make some major changes in her life and career.

Please listen in, then join Liz and the rest of our crew at this year’s event, August 5 – 7th at Playhouse Square here in Cleveland.

Purchase your tickets and get all the information you’ll need at the WMC Fest site here:

WMC Fest Official Site

Now, onto our interview with Liz!

We Are Weapons 001 – Illustrator Liz Mac

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Want to talk to us about why you’re a Weapon of Mass Creation?

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