What’s Go Media Been Up To? – May 2012

We’ve been busy here at Go Media and gearing up for this summer’s WMC Fest, happening June 8th-10th right here in Cleveland. If you are interested in attending, click here to buy tickets.

We also welcomed a new member to the Go Media family, Mr. Bryan Garvin!  He is taking over where Adam Wagner left off, fulfilling the role of Front-End Designer.  We are super excited to have him on the team and keep a lookout for “what he’s been up to?” later on in the post.

Other than that, we’ve been launching new Arsenal products, working on client projects, and enjoying the warm Spring weather by barbequing on our roof, with the view of downtown Cleveland as our backdrop.

Bill Beachy

  1. Getting quotes!  For building signage, awning, windows and building out the video room.
  2. Proof Lab planning – establishing a plan for the next 6 months. It will include a sales site, in-site video tutorials, seeded content and then an official launch with pricing increase. So if anyone wants to get their foot in the door as a Beta user – now is the time!
  3. My Book – Today I had a lengthy interview with our accountant Jeff Kelman. He answered tons of questions that plague young designers. All of that info will go into the book. If anyone has additional questions, please send them my way!
  4. Branding project for a local church.
  5. T-shirt design for a major insurance company.
  6. I wrote this article on how to best set up your Adobe Illustrator document.
  7. Sell Sell Sell…  an important part of any business owner’s schedule: SELL!

Jeff Finley

  1. WMC Fest Kickstarter got funded!
  2. Working on the posters and flyers for WMC Fest
  3. Added WMC Fest shirts, stickers, and buttons to the store

Bryan Garvin (our new Front-End Developer)

  1. Chose a desk to call my own
  2. Took my rightful place as “Best Beard” at Go Media
  3. Set up Outlook
  4. Watched Dave set up XAMPP on my machine, as well as a test version of WordPress
  5. Began wireframing for the new GoMediaZine
  6. Helped kickstart WMC Fest
  7. Began putting together thoughts for an upcoming podcast
  8. Put together some goals for the next 4 months (both personal and here at Go Media)
  9. Began road to accomplishment of said goals

Marissa Mele

  1. I worked on our application for Creative Mornings with the help of Liz Hunt
  2. Saved png layers and uploaded templates for mockupeverything.com
  3. Helped Jeff with sponsorship packages for WMC Fest 2012
  4. Wrote 2 articles for the WMC blog: interview with Airtype Studios, interview with Virb
  5. Working on an article for the GoMediaZine
  6. Interviewed potential interns for the summer with Heather Mariano
  7. Launched new Arsenal products: Vents & Whistles Vector Pack and Vintage Organic Noise Texture Pack

Kim Finley

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Arsenal customer service
  3. Proofreading proposals
  4. Proofreading ads and the website for WMC Fest
  5. Sending out WMC Fest merch orders
  6. Various tasks involving payroll and employee benefits

Heather Mariano

  1. In April, I met with two new clients who we are now working with and we’re excited about both relationships since they are local to Cleveland
  2. I also wrote and sent off 5 proposals with the help of Wilson and Bill
  3. We met with a local video production company last month and we’re looking forward to partnering with them on projects in the future
  4. Marissa and I spent some time interviewing potential interns for the summer and we’re still reviewing candidates for summer and fall this year (send an email to jobs@gomedia.us if you’re interested!)

Liz Hunt

  1. Arsenal v3 — I’ve been using Zurb’s Foundation framework to create a working prototype of the brand new Arsenal. We’re working hard to get it live this fall!
  2. Arsenal Products — We’ve released a few new goodies over at the Arsenal, with fresh ones on the way next week.
  3. Zine and GoMedia.us Redesign —The Go Media development team, including our newest recruit Bryan Garvin, is planning the overhaul of the Zine and GoMedia.us; I’ve been sitting in on meetings, throwing in my two cents.

Elaine Stephenson (our intern)

  1. Finalizing MockupEverything photo templates for our new online app
  2. Helped create graphics to advertise new products on the Arsenal
  3. Created hand-painted watercolor textures for an upcoming Arsenal product release
  4. Started writing an article about watercolor trends in design for the zine


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