Slammed: Some Updates!

Hey guys and gals, we’ve been slammed here at work. For those that don’t know, Go Media’s primary responsibility is to service customers with our designs. We are currently overworked and understaffed, which is usually quite often the norm, but things have been extra crazy.

Crazy Workload Lately

It’s mostly thanks to a few giant interactive websites relating to Pepsi. I can’t go into detail, except for our entire staff has been working on them simulatenously and we’re putting in some OT this week and probably next to get some of it done. On top of that Diann, our new sales/project manager girl we hired a month or so ago has been consistently generating work for us. All those leads that we never had time to follow up on are now being turned into projects. And since Oliver and I have been posting our designs on emptees, we’ve seen a significant increase in some t-shirt design jobs. I recently completed a shirt for Pyknic Wear and we’ve also done some new shirt designs for The Academy Is, Cute is What We Aim For, Panic at the Disco, Four Year Strong, ESP Guitars, and Paramore.

Hiring Some New Staff

How do we handle such a large workload? We recently hired Jimmy Breen ( who is not only a solid designer, but he’s got lots of experience in the apparel industry. I would say he’s most known for his clothing company Heartcore Clothing which has been very successful. In addition to Jimmy, we’re hiring a few more designers to work in our headquarters in Cleveland. We just finished the interview process and have made offers to the ones we want to hire. If you submitted your stuff and weren’t one of those that we contacted, we’re sorry that we couldn’t hire you. We had a lot of submissions and only called in less than 5% of the people that sent us stuff. We plan to get them started in January or even sooner.

The New Studio

And we are getting closer to buying our new building. We should be closing this month and we project a move in date of March 15th. This new building is 14,000 square feet and 3 stories. It’s a huge improvement over where we are working now, which is essentially working out of Bill’s house! Right now we are working in about 600 square feet! This is going to be awesome because we are going to tear down each floor and build it out custom.

Arsenal 2.0

We’ve also been working on Arsenal 2.0 – which will be a pretty solid upgrade over our current system. This will improve the customer experience big time, because right now we’re still running off the simple script we purchased a year ago that was probably ideal for only a few products. We’ve done a little more business than that over the past year. So we need to upgrade. I anticipate late January to February for the Arsenal 2.0 launch.

Not Much Time for Blogging

Due to this workload, none of us has had time to blog much or write tutorials. I realize how important it is to keep blogging, and I will continue to try and do so. Hopefully with getting these new hires on board, it will lessen the workload for those of us who contribute to this blog and create new products for the Arsenal. So I better get back to work on my part of the Pepsi project. I’ve got a deadline at the end of the day!

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design, branding, and design studio. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. I'm also writing a new book called Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

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