Letter From The (New) Editor


As of July 2009, GoMediaZine will have a new editor for the blog—yours truly, George Coghill. I thought I would let our readers know a little bit about me and give you guys some insight as to where things are headed.

First, some bio: I am a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer, and I have been working in the design & illustration biz for over 12 years. Illustration is my primary gig, but over the years (and to a smaller degree currently) I have done plenty of work in the design industry. From branding/identity, advertising design, magazine production and art direction I have seen my share of the print side of the design world. Akron Art Museum, Cleveland Free Times, Flying Disc Magazine, Cleveland-Cliffs, Odd Rods and the March Of Dimes to name drop a few clients.

Illustration however is my passion and you can see more of my illustration work a CoghillCartooning.com as well as on my illustration blog. For some further name-dropping on the illustration side: Saatchi & Saatchi, Time Out NY, Akron Art Museum, Andrews-Osborne Academy, Hiram College, Ohio Canal Corridor, Cleveland Scene, Cleveland Free Times, Electric Frankenstein, Positively Cleveland in addition to the bevy of smaller projects constantly flowing through my home studio.

I am also a self-professed graphics software geek, as well as a Mac geek. In addition to loving to learn the software and techniques, I also love teaching and helping others. I too was in the “where do I start?” place at one point, and anything I’ve learned that I can pass on to help other’s realize their creative visions I am glad to do.

I believe it’s this passion which attracted Jeff here at GoMediaZine to approach me for the position of editor for the blog. I plan on living up to that expectation as well as superseding it as time goes on.

Some of the things to expect for the future:

First, we’ll be ramping up things here at GoMediaZine over the next few months to get the frequency of content vastly increased. We’re aiming to get more insight from everyone at the GoMedia studio to give readers in-depth insight into the workings of a successful, productive design studio. We plan to have more updates from the GoMedia staff on their current design projects, as well as the usual tips and tutorials from the talented staff that you’ve come to enjoy.

We’re also looking to expand our roster of contributing authors—if you have a passion for design and can write well, we want you on board. From industry news, to quick tips to in-depth tutorials, we’re looking to expand on what you already love about GoMediaZine and take it even further—interviews with creatives, freebies, creative inspriation, new software, resources and more.

And we want to hear from you—have an idea for a post topic or a tutorial you’d like to see covered? Drop us a line. Don’t like something we’re doing? Let us know. Of course, compliments are accepted as well.

I am very excited to be a part of the Go Media team and look forward to sharing lots of great design and illustration info with the readers of the Go Media ‘Zine blog.


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