Meet the Staff: Chris Comella

meHi friends.

My name is Christopher Michael Giuseppe Comella (chris) and it’s been 2 days since my last drink…..I mean… I’m Chris and I work at Go Media. I’m a designer of both tangible and digital work, and where my passion lies is at the bridging of those two mediums. Not only in the literal sense of print and web design, but at the core idea of good design being able to traverse many creative platforms. I appreciate idea-based design, but at the same time I also appreciate design that acts on an emotional and visceral level. I’ve been a member of Go Media since September of 07′ and I’m loving it. I love Being in Cleveland contributing to it’s (creative) development.
One SHeet

Some of my favorite creatives are Robert Rauschenberg, Massimo Vignelli, Dan Witz, Stephen Bucher, Takashi Amano, Chris Cunningham, Grady & Metcalf, Stefan Sagmeister.

TidBits of joy:
– Kits and Packs
– Deliverables
– Packaging
– Graphs / Diagrams
– Captions over patterns
– Hand Claps & Hi 5s (dont kid yourself…they’re a necessity in design)
– Layers
– Papers
– Pen & Ink
– Mixed Media
– Hierarchy and Proportion
– Organic and synthetic
– balloons and bouncy balls

Dart Imagery

Dream Jobs~brief (aka future ventures)
– Fashion brand, ground up
– Lounge/Cafe brand, ground up
– Magazine/Newspaper/Publication

Top Music Im listening to right now
– Pop Levi
– The Rapture (pieces of the people we love)
– Chris Joss (you’ve been spiked)
– Hot Chip
– Rodrigo y Gabriela
– Dillinger Escape Plan (Ire works)
– Simon & Garfunkel
– Iron and Wine

Van Gunn

Recommended Reading
– All Access, Steven Bucher
– Altitude: Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design, Claudia Mareis
– The Education of a Graphic Designer, Steven Heller
– Monocle

Brain Food:
– Sushi
– SunButter
– S’mores PopTarts
– SouperMarket (Jambalaya)
– Dave’s Cosmic Subs (The San Fran)



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