Meet the Staff: Adam Law

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So, I guess I’m one of the new guys here at Go Media… Considering I just started in January. I hail from the Big Ten’s greatest school, The University of Illinois, and received my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from there in 2007. After a short sabbatical in which I pondered the meaning of life and the origins of the universe, I began work at Go Media in January of 2008. What initially drew me to Go Media was its unconventional approach to the graphic design profession and its willingness to disregard the need to conform to the stereotypical design firm structure. I stayed for the free PB&J. While I have only been here a short while, I have been able to experience a variety of interesting projects; designing logos, brochures, websites, and t-shirts, and the ever powerful KNUCKLEBANG!

When I’m out of the office, I take long walks on the beach by myself and read romance novels . . . or not. You’ll most likely find me brain-dead in front of the television watching the latest reality TV craze eating pork rinds or playing videogames… Just kidding, I don’t eat pork rinds. I occasionally peel myself off the couch to go out into the real world and attempt to be athletic. Other than that, I am trying to become a brew master of the universe… and I will hopefully be brewing my first beer this spring. I am a self confessed hop head, but my first batch will probably be a simple summer ale. When I can, I love going to concerts, and you’ll find that my ipod has just about everything but country music on it. In general, I just try not to take myself too seriously.

In the realm of the design world, I have a strong interest in screen printing and hope to start making posters as soon as I can find some sort of studio space. I dig the work of Jay Ryan, and Chicago is my second home no matter where I am living… unless I’m living in Chicago. I am really passionate about good typography and any faces from HFJ, Zapf, or Frutiger are my favorites. I have recently been getting interested in the vinyl toy world as well as street art and graffiti… so I wouldn’t be surprised if those influences start showing up in my work.

For a taste of my portfolio, go to . Most of it was produced during my senior year of college. Word.


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