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Dear readers, we have big news to share. It is our pleasure to announce long time friends and design pals Simon Hartmann and Jon Savage (aka Studio Ace of Spade) as the new editors for the GoMediaZine. You may have seen Simon posting here a lot and may wonder what happened to George Coghill, our previous editor. Well, George was having success in his freelance business and as a result he was becoming less available to spend time on the zine. So he stepped down as editor a few months ago. Simon has always impressed us and has played a big part in Go Media’s role in design community. His developer and partner at Studio Ace of Spade, Jon Savage will be lead editor and Simon will continue his role as community manager. So with the two of them on board, you guys should expect the same, if not better, quality articles and tutorials. And the GoMediaZine needs an upgrade and a facelift and that will come as well. So I will let Jon and Simon tell you a bit about themselves and what you guys can expect with them as editors of the GMZ!

Jeff Finley (founder of GoMediaZine).


Meet Your New Editors

“Our” pleasure? Yes, “our”, because we are two. Jon and myself, Simon, from Studio Ace of Spade, are succeeding in this tough spot after George left it to go on other adventures.

Who are we?

Like I wrote earlier, Jon and I are running Studio Ace of Spade. Jon is originally from the Chagrin Falls, Ohio area. I’m from Sélestat, France and ended up in the US after a long and complicated story (that involves a girl). We met at Goshen College and decided to start our own business since the local economy, heavily based on the RV industry, was going down the drain. So here we are.

We do design. One of the projects you’ve been likely to be exposed to is our Project 52 (a quote-based poster a week, for a year).

SAoS - Project 52.07 - 10 Lives by Parachute Journalists

SAoS - Project52.10 - The strangest girl I've ever known by Algebro

SAoS - Project 52.12 - Clothespin blues by BB Wolfe - Alt version

SAoS - Project 52.13 - Pink Safari by Pamela Hute

We also design for the web. Most recently, we’ve been designing for some of the landmark businesses in Goshen, IN (the town in which we live). We worked with The Electric Brew (and ended up rebranding the whole place), a water utility engineering firm, Kurtz Engineering, and we have something in the pipes for the classy local restaurant (it’s called Kelly Jae’s and we’re launching soon!). Last week we completed a rebranding and web design project for a 3d artist from New York, Bobby West. We got the gig through Go Media actually, we’ll have to tell you the story one of these days.

We take a bunch of pictures, too. Last year, I had a 365 project going on (a picture a day, for a year).

2010.09.19_-_DSC_2757 copy

2010.10.13_-_DSC_2870_DSC_2871_DSC_2872_-_tryptich_-_black_and_white copy

I still have a backlog of pictures to edit from that… But shhh.

We also like to take pictures during concerts. The following ones were taken during a Wilson’s Reservoir concert that was a bit special: it was their album release party (we also designed the poster for the event).




You’ve also probably seen the pictures taken at the Laundry Party, right?

We’re gearing up to launch our own online store, 13 Spade (promise, it’ll be live before Weapons of Mass Creation Fest!) and to finally have a decent portfolio website. Not that the current one sucks, but let’s say it’s kind of… too minimalistic. We’re also keeping a log of what’s going on at the Studio (as efficiently as we can).

All of this is cool, but what’s going to happen on Zine?

Well, it just happens that Jon and myself have ambitions, projects, and ideas for the Zine. Luckily enough, they match the goals the Go Media team has, too.

Remember that article Chris Spooner posted on Line 25 a little while back comparing design blogs to vehicles? Well, a custom chopper is cool. We want to keep the design community up to date with tips and tricks, tutorials, design news — you name it.

We want to maintain the policy of publishing amazing case studies and tutorials from some of the most talented individuals we’ve ever met. We also want to make sure everyone will get a chance to submit content. But, we also want to make sure what we publish exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback! Tell us what we’re doing well (because a pat on the back is always good), but also tell us what we should improve.

We’ll also try to find out who wants to share their resources and processes on how to use them here (read: freebies).

We want to keep being a place where talented people get the attention they deserve. We will keep publishing the Flickr pool showcases. We also want to launch a series of artists/designers/design project features, like we did for the State Motto Project. We want to talk about the exciting things going on in the design community.

And as a side note, some of the people posting stuff in the Go Media Flickr group would totally deserve a feature here.

We will obviously keep talking about Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. We’d love to extend the concept from just a yearly event to maybe local chapters.

We’ll also keep having Bill and the rest of the Go Media team giving us insights on the stuff that’s cooking at Go Media for the general public. We will also make sure that he keeps giving us his inspirational tips.

What do you want to see?

So. What do you want to see the Zine doing? Give us some ideas, reach out to us on twitter (@simonhartmann and @jonathantsavage), do something.

We’re pretty stoked to start handling the Zine. And it’s going to be awesome to meet all of you.

— Jon Savage and Simon H.


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