Hype: ShirtMockup.com to launch on March 17, 2010

ShirtMockup.com launches 3.17.10

If there’s one thing out there I can guarantee our readers will love, it’s this.

We have teamed up with Kevin and Joey from The Black Axe to bring you ShirtMockup.com – a powerful new web app that’s so simple, you’ll wonder why it never existed before.

Photoshop no more?

The people I’ve shown already have said “I’ll never have to open Photoshop again” or “This is ten times faster than Photoshop, I can’t believe it’s free!”

Those are pretty bold statements and you’ll see when we launch the app on Wednesday 3.17.10 – probably sometime in the early afternoon EST.

So for now, add ShirtMockup on Facebook and help us spread the word! Post the link to Facebook and Twitter and use the “suggest to friends” feature on Facebook to invite your designer friends.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a designer to use this app, you’ll see.

I’m really excited for this!!!

Take a gander: shirtmockup.com

Spread the word, get free stuff!

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