GMZ Giveaway: Free 15-Day Pass to Ten Ton Online

Hey you. Yes, you! Geoff Blake here from Ten Ton Books. Wanna score something totally cool from Go Media and Ten Ton? Well check this out: We’re giving away free 15-day trial accounts to Ten Ton Online, Ten Ton’s online tutorial subscription service. There, you’ll have full access to all of Ten Ton’s learning titles. Follow along with the video lessons, learn at your own pace, and watch and re-watch as much as you like.

Master topics like building floating CSS layouts, photographic techniques in Photoshop, working with CMS in Dreamweaver…and a whole lot more, all for free!

So how do you land a free 15-day trial? All you have to do is leave a reply on this post. But don’t just leave any old reply…put some thought into it. Tell us why it’s important for you to have a 15-day pass to Ten Ton Online, how it would help you, and what is it you want to learn. We’re not looking for a 1000-word essay, just a few sentences explaining how this would be huge for you. Those who leave insightful, thoughtful responses will land a free trial. Those who don’t will miss out!

This offer ends April 8th, so ya better get commenting! Winners will be notified by email.

About the Author, Geoff Blake

Geoff Blake is an award-winning software instructor and owner of Ten Ton Books, a video-based training company. With his fun and casual style, he loves teaching all things web design and Adobe-related. And when no one's looking, he pretends he's a fill-in drummer for Iron Maiden.

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