Contest: Win Vector Set 19

vector set 19 contest

We’ve just released Vector Set 19 featuring 7 MMA-themed packs including Chain Link, MMA Apparel Essentials, Tribal, Patriot, Fighters, Fists & Fight Gear, and Medieval.

Design Battle!

In celebration, we’re going to run a little design battle. We’re going to give you a single piece of vector art from the new set and you need to make a great design with it. The best design, as voted by Go Media, will win the new set. Deadline is this Friday 12/17 and winners will be announced next week. Go!


  1. You MUST use this one piece of vector art (see below) in your design
  2. Upload the design to your Flickr Account and add it to our user showcase.
  3. Comment on this post with a link to your entry.
  4. Deadline is this Friday 12/17. Winners announced next week.
mma medieval axe

Ok, some simple tips:

  1. Use it in a clever way, think of something unique, ironic, smart.
  2. The judges like to see great ideas mixed with solid execution and technique.
  3. Your design doesn’t have to be MMA inspired or related to fighting.
  4. How can you use this Axe in a cool and unique way?
  5. You can include type, illustrations, textures, etc. Doesn’t matter, just make it good.

Have fun!

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