Vector Set 19 Winner Announced

vector set 19 winner announced

We had a solid bunch of entries in our little design battle from last week. The objective was to use this certain “axe” vector that came from our new Vector Set 19. If you didn’t know, last week we released Vector Set 19 featuring 7 MMA-themed packs including Chain Link, MMA Apparel Essentials, Tribal, Patriot, Fighters, Fists & Fight Gear, and Medieval.

It was pretty tough determining the winner because they all had merit. We made our decision based on the most unique usage of the axe vector piece.

And the winner is…

Irony – by Baylee Hart


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Baylee wins the complete Vector Set 19 from the Arsenal!

We chose this design because the idea was unconventional and the execution was on-point. We liked it because it shows that you can design more than just skull/wing themed designs with something as “hardcore” as an axe. It shows that you can be versatile with the Arsenal and the subject matter doesn’t always dictate the design. There are a few things I’d change about it such as the dark corners (they stand out too much) and I’d be more subtle with the grunge/distressing.

The other entries were good though, like using the axe as a guitar or a parody of axe body spray. The more “skull” oriented designs were executed really nicely, but we wanted to see a more unique concept.

Thanks everyone for participating!

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