Columbus Creative Design Conference 2012

Howdy y’all! Mike Jones and Daniel Severns here from deep in the dirty south, Columbus, Georgia and we are Columbus Creative. Columbus Creative is an informal group of creative folks that meet once a month to jam about all kinds of things from the color of our socks to helping each other grow creatively.

It all started with some awesome designers Last year (2011) Mike had a brilliant idea to put on a conference and bring his favorite designers, Jeff Finley, and Von Glitschka, to speak to our creative community. Mike’s personal growth from these designers has helped him in his abilities and his goal was to bring that same learning experience to our group here in Columbus, Georgia.

I’ve been a big fan of Go Media and what all Jeff Finley has been up to over there. His Weapons of Mass Creation festival inspired me to try and do something unique in our town. I felt that we needed a meet-up to grow the group and to really grow our minds and abilities. I also wanted our meet-up to be for creatives who couldn’t necessarily get to a bigger city in a different region for something like Weapons of Mass Creation. So we created the Columbus Creative Artist RoundUp in 2011 (which has grown into the Columbus Creative Design Conference). Adobe sponsored us and I went to work looking for speakers. Through social networking I reached out to Jeff Finley and Von Glitschka. We were thrilled when they were both not only available, but willing to come down. The event was a bigger hit than we thought and we had 35 people attend. The presentations by Jeff and Von were great and everyone got a chance to ask questions and interact with these amazing talents. We even got to live stream the event to 66 people and had a viewer all the way in Norway.

For the 2012 Columbus Creative Design Conference, we wanted to go 100% bigger.

And we did. Instead of two speakers, we’re having four guys from around the country fly in to talk with us. Jeff Finley of Go Media is coming back. He designed this year’s t-shirt and is going to be talking about what it takes to become a Popular Designer. Mackey Saturday is a designer out of Denver. He’s coming to talk about his work and stepping out on your own to become an entrepreneur. Ced Funches is from San Diego and works in children’s books and started a popular movement called the Mother’s Month Movement. It celebrates moms during the month of November. Ced will be holding a discussion on learning how to fail. And Todd Radom out of New York will be here talking about designing for the Sports industry. And while Von won’t be returning as a speaker he is designing the custom poster which backers and attendees will receive. If the 2012 Columbus Creative Design Conference goes well, we plan to have Von down for his one day Vector Basic Training event this summer. The Conference is going to be a bigger and better learning and networking opportunity than we could have imagined.

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This year we’re doing it again, only this time the conference will be bigger. With the continued success of the event will come more growth and creativity in our area. Just as we reach out to others to help grow their abilities, we’re reaching out to you so we can do it again! We’ve got a few sponsors and we’ve started a Kickstarter fund to help us make this conference into a reality.

Why you should pledge on Kickstarter? Everything. Give as little as $25 and you’ll receive some Conference themed swag. Give over $100 and not only do you receive some awesome swag designed by awesome designers, but you’ll be able to attend the conference (airfare/hotel is on you) and you will be a better artist, person, and maybe a little more southern.

Thanks y’all It is so important that communities get together and grow and develop in their craft. The southeast has an amazing group of artists, and Columbus Creative is here to enable those individuals. We hope the Columbus Creative Design Conference will be an example to other areas that is possible to hold these events and to bring people together!

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About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design, branding, and design studio. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. I'm also writing a new book called Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

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