Behold its Greatness: The NEW Fail Sticker has Arrived

Fail sticker has been know to weild mighty whirlwinds of sorcery

As if a gift from the gods, the new FAIL Sticker is upon us. Making such an explosive impact on the world, Michael Jackson has reportedly risen from the grave to witness such a great spectacle. Seriously, this little palm sized sticker will have you deflating bloated egos and reddening cheeks in your neighborhood.

Put down your Palm Pre (if you are able get one, and aren’t still on a waiting list!) and check out the new stickers.

The goods:

But all joking aside, Dave (the IT guy at Go Media) and I take this whole Fail sticker thing way too seriously. I spent way too long on the site, pushing every last pixel to perfection. It was just so much fun to work on. It’s such a simple product idea and it was hilarious (at least to us) to make it into something slightly bigger and more profound.

We actually did improve the stickers. A lot really. The new split-backing is awesome and they’re individually cut and prepackaged in a new resealable “fail wallet” (ok, it’s really just a plastic pouch, but it goes in your back pocket and pouch is such a understatment). And they’re wholesale friendly, but we ask for minimum orders of 1,000 stickers. ThinkGeek and Firebox are wholesale customers and if you would prefer to buy from them, feel free. They’re great!

Here are some more pics.

FAIL Stickers are new and improved FAIL Oliver Barrett Armed and ready for FAIL FAIL Corporate Logos

Well, there’s only one thing left to do now that your read all this, grab yourself a 5 pack, 20 pack, or 40 pack. And start FAILing things around the house for starters. Once you get good, you can take it to the streets and utilize the new speed-sticking, split-back, easy peel technique to hit moving vehicles like a FAIL ninja. Ok, I don’t really suggest you do that, you might end up with a sticker on your self while you recover in the hospital.

Have fun folks,


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