A 13 Spade Giveaway!

SAoS - 13 Spade 2012 collection and giveaway!

Remember 13 Spade?

Hello Zine readers, Simon and Jon here. Today, we’re taking off the editor hats to step into our indie artist costumes.

Last year around the same time, we launched 13 Spade. We mentioned it a bit later on this very blog, in a post precisely called “Let me introduce you to 13 Spade.” If you’re still wondering what the heck 13 Spade is, here’s a quick reminder:

Designed, coded, developed, and curated by Jon Savage and Simon Birky Hartmann of the design firm Studio Ace of Spade, we are working tirelessly to offer the best ecommerce experience around for our customers and our artists. We believe in the power of design and art, and can’t imagine the world without it.

13 Spade was born one chilly November day in 2010 when we noticed that all of the wonderful art around us was made by relatively unknown artists. After talking with some of these artists, the project gained much support. It slowly started snowballing into a project ten times the size we had imagined.

We’re still working ourselves to the bone to feature more artists, and don’t worry – there’s plenty more unique work on the way. If you know of someone who would like their work to be featured here or someone who would like to help fund the project, head to our contact page.

— From the 13 Spade about page

So, it’s been a year

Well, almost. We actually designed, coded, and launched the 13 Spade site and the current version of our Studio’s site in the week prior to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011. The print lineup for this launch was the following: Whale and Pine, The right to arm bears, Get shit done, God is Awake, Broadcasting, and Air traveling.

SAoS - 13 Spade 2011 collection

I’m happy to announce that after a decently successful first run, almost sold out, we are printing new ones!

The new prints

Cold tone/Warm tone

SAoS - 13 Spade - Cold tone/Warm tone dyptich

Cold tone/Warm tone is a print diptych celebrating the strange beauty of vacuum tubes. The complete story behind the prints is on the Studio Ace of Spade blog.

Huge thanks to Allan Whyte of The National Valve Museum, without whom these prints wouldn’t have been possible.

Believe it or not, these prints have been almost a year in the making. The story/process post on the Studio’s blog goes over that. Now they’re finally a reality, and they look like a million bucks. Below are actual shots of the prints, taken in our office:

SAoS - 13 Spade - Cold tone detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Cold tone detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Warm tone detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Warm tone detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Warm tone detail

Cold tone/Warm tone is available to purchase as the diptych, or as individual prints.

Get shit done (new run)

SAoS - 13 Spade - Get shit done

Get shit done has been our most successful poster to date, with the first run being completely sold out. To all the buyers of that run: thank you, and hang on to them, because you have a collector item on your wall. We’ll never reprint the poster in this size and in this finish.

This new run is also a limited one, and we sized the poster slightly smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper for easy (and discreet) hanging in your cubicle. The shots below show the prints, and also some of the bigger test prints we had made. They might find their way in a giveaway, or in the tube of some early 13 Spade shoppers, who knows.

SAoS - 13 Spade - Get shit done detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Get shit done detail

Finally, there might or might not be a safe for work version in the works.

New contributors!

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re welcoming new contributors. One of them is definitely known from the readers of this blog, it’s Jeff Finley. Our second contributor is Thomas Thirrion, a french artist and former singer of metal band AqME.

The Bear by Thomas Thirrion

As I wrote just above, Thomas was until recently the singer for the French metal band AqME, which you should absolutely listen to. He decided to change path and to become a tattoo artist. He’s been drawing quite a lot too.

SAoS - 13 Spade - The bear

I just have one detail shot of that print, but I promise it looks amazing. I can’t wait to convince him to do more things with us!

SAoS - 13 Spade - The bear detail

Go Media’s Jeff Finley’s Parachute Journalists gig poster

Quick reminder: Jeff is one of the partners at Go Media, the company that created this blog, and also the guy behind Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. He was also the drummer in the now defunct band Parachute Journalists. A while back, they had a show at the 5 O’clock  Lounge in Cleveland. They needed a poster for it, so Jeff designed this guy.

SAoS - 13 Spade - Parachute Journalists gig poster

This little girl and her umbrella have seen quite a few features since the poster has been posted online, and it’s now finally available as a print!

SAoS - 13 Spade - Parachute Journalists gig poster detail SAoS - 13 Spade - Parachute Journalists gig poster detail

This concludes our new prints presentation. Now, the most exciting bits of information for you guys.

The giveaway!

Yep, we’re doing a giveaway. One lucky and randomly drawn comment on this post will get his or her author a free print of their choice. The commenting period will be open from Wednesday June 6th to Monday June 11th, 2012.

Additionally to the poster of their choice, the winner will receive one of these screen prints:

SAoS - 13 Spade - Old screenprint from the archive

These are from way back when I (Simon) first learned about screen prints. People familiar with the matter might even see that they’re done one the test sheets used by some printers. I have only 4 of them in white on black. I can’t remember if I did these myself or if the guys I was interning for at the time did these for me as a gift.

SAoS - 13 Spade - Old screenprint from the archive SAoS - 13 Spade - Old screenprint from the archive SAoS - 13 Spade - Old screenprint from the archive SAoS - 13 Spade - Old screenprint from the archive

I mean, it was back in 2008. Remember how much skulls apparel designers were drawing back then?

Finally, the last but not the least: we’re working on putting  a coupon code together for people that will not win to get a discount on their purchase. We’ll probably drop coupons on a random basis during WMC Fest, so check out out twitter stream at @StudioAoS, @simonhartmann, and @jonathantsavage.

We hope you like these new prints, that you’ll buy them like that we can reorder some more and create new ones!


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