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An introduction

Hello people! Simon here. Today, I want to share a cool little project we found via our Flickr Pool: the Rahma Projekt. Rahma was also nice enough to forward us a couple of his posters via email, and we started talking.

The interview

Hello Rahma, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Rahma Projekt: Hello! I’m a 28 years old design teacher from Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. Although working with design for nearly 10 years, I now devote my time almost exclusively to teaching. In the future I intend to dedicate it to research in design. My project for graduate studies involves a research on how the socio-cultural movements influenced the aesthetics of the posters from rock shows in the 60, 70 and 80’s,

GMZ: Can you talk a bit about the project? Why you started it, the goals you’re trying to reach…

R: The project officially began when I was going through a personal, professional and existential crisis and needed a way to let the steam off. To put two of my passions together, design and rock’n’roll, was my solution to get away from problems.

I think, for those who create under pressure, having a side project with no briefing, no pressure, no client, helps to relieve stress. And it’s also probably good for the ego.

Despite the project was born to be an exclusively personal project without pretensions, it seems like that some people liked it and I got a proposals to turn them into printed posters and I’m negotiating to develop a collection for a t-shirt brand using the same style of my illustrations.

But my goal remains to be tuned off from the world for a few hours.

GMZ: Any favorite piece so far?

R: This it’s almost like a father having to choose which child is more beautiful ;)

But I have a special affection for the illustration Weary Fox, for being the first. I also really like Can’t Buy Me Love and Friend of the Devil. This last one is based on one of my favorite songs.

GMZ: Is this project influencing the rest of your work as a designer?

R: Well, I currently dedicate my time almost entirely to teaching. So it lefts over just a little time for my work as a designer, so the project also serves so I don’t “rust.” But I feel that it will eventually influence my future work.

GMZ: Any last words?

R: Create, do what you like, let your ideas go free! Grab a pencil and paper and just create for the pleasure of creating!

The posters

The Rahma Projekt - All because of you The Rahma Projekt - Can't buy me love The Rahma Projekt - Fix you The Rahma Projekt - Friend of the devil The Rahma Projekt - I am a man of constant sorrow The Rahma Projekt - I like it The Rahma Projekt - I shot a man in Reno The Rahma Projekt - I used to love her The Rahma Projekt - Light my fire The Rahma Projekt - Man on the moon The Rahma Projekt - Pinball wizard The Rahma Projekt - Weary fox

Some links

Some links to see and learn more about the Rahma Projekt:

And, if some Brazilian readers have an interest, this site is selling some of the posters:


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