Go Media’s Flickr pool showcase – September 2011

Turquoise Flag-Tip

Fall is here…

It’s grey, cold and gloomy out there. Time to grab your laptop, a cup of tea and get under a blanket to watch some inspiration.

The showcase

Once again, this month’s art harvest is awesome. I’m trying to select pieces that are as diverse as possible, to showcase the wide gamut of work that’s submitted. If you didn’t make it, try again! It will pay off, I promise.

Also, I’m happy to announce that the group broke the 1900 member barrier.

Finally, if you like what you see, please follow the links to Flickr, and click “fav.” It’ll make the life of each designers happier.

238 Kawaii Tea Time 2004-00451 Comendo com os olhos (eating with your eyes) 256/365 - The All Day Everyday Project Blanket Surveillance Wind Arcade MSCED : 052 — 5 A.M. (Tears Below The Freezing Point) Pile 237 Four Horseman - Girls & Boys - Poster Syllable Series October 26, 2011 Beauty And The Beast Word:1 Peter 108 atwatw Rigged Young Buck. "Onces", canción 11 del disco 2 de "20/20", avance Instrumental. RANCOROUS RECORDS #05 transform_0002_3 insidemotta Superbad Fridays General Gorilla LAUNCH COMMAND An American Werewolf in London (updated) Au pere tranquille kokeshun angelus Office Hours Back to the Future Bomb the system Alternative History 11-November MHID PSTR Walden Compound | Poster Bat Country 232 Command Z's Coffee Knightfire I'm with the band car-abinieri Boris Pelcer | La Dolce Vita : : : Lettering perks of being a wallflower (original) Faculty Exhibition Postcard "The Face Melter Tour" [RSN017b]. Old school oc_calendar_21_09_11 Cover it Up braids curser. LOGO Santander Creativa lhath 15 min – Nr.61 piranhasaur. Poster - The Raconteurs - Consoler Of The Lonely Return to the Brooklyn Bloodbath ウルヴァリン Dexia Building - Esch-sur-Alzette 1 Poster - Foo Fighters - Arlandria Globe 3 The Outsiders Cover 6967-60551 //Human//Creation// mini robocop Harvest | The Slider Inn | Coming Soon Webpage Writing Center Posters Gold Top bottles are printed Lumberjack Bear Logo — Bear Country Carving ExhibitonPoster3 ExhibitonPoster1 ExhibitonPoster2 RAY GUN Retcon Stitch - Disney Kawaiicon astronauta Brookhaven Bash | poster (final) head in the clouds - designers.mx ( o ) 216 endlessness SAoS - Kansas Bible Company Gig poster SAoS - Project 52.26 - DMZ by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli SAoS - Project 52.25 - Requiem Chevalier Vampire by Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit


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