What’s Go Media Been Up To? – January 2013

Howdy Folks!

Our year has started off with a BANG! In 2013 we have welcomed 3 new members to the Go Media family:

Sarah Traxler - Project Manager

Sarah Traxler – Project Manager

Lauren Prebel - Client Services Manager

Lauren Prebel – Client Services Manager

Aaron Roberts - Jr. Designer

Aaron Roberts – Jr. Designer

Everyone at Go Media hopes y’all had a wonderful holiday break and a happy New Year! We celebrated 2012 in style at our office at 45th and Lorain. Just check out the pictures below to see all the fun we had!

Want to Contribute to the Zine?

  • Have an interesting design story to tell?
  • Want to be featured on the GoMediaZine?
  • Well, then contact the GoMediaZine manager, Marissa Mele at marissa@gomedia.us for more info.

What The Team Has Been Up To

Bryan Garvin

  • Launched US Display Group’s new redesign.
  • Continued to work with Bill on the buildout of the new Prooflab sales site.
  • Recorded Episodes 4 and 5 of the Go Media Podcast with Jeff and Bill. The 5th episode was our 2012 Year in Review. In that episode, we introduced a new external recording method (Zoom H2) and brought the mics through a mixer, instead of a going directly into the laptop. Continued to test streaming live.
  • Finished Arsenal email campaign design and buildout. Should be sent out once the new site launches later this year.
  • Added a simple site switcher to the Zine, Mockup Everything and On The Map. This allows our visitors to quickly get to and from all of our properties. We’ll be applying it to the new Arsenal, Proof Lab and WMC Fest sites as soon as they’re out.
  • Put up a new mobile navigation experience on Go Media Zine. Will be adding it to the rest of our sites soon.
  • Got to Level 3 in the original Donkey Kong during the Go Media Christmas Party. My best ever.
GoMediaZine Mobile Navigation

Jenny Kelley

  • Taking our fantastic new hires under my wing!
  • Working on improving our internal processes.
  • Amping up our client experience and our account services team.
  • Delivering holiday cheer.
  • Typing my fingers to the bone from writing proposals.

Marissa Mele

50+ Impressive and Inspirational Print Designs

Kim Finley

  • LOTS of bookkeeping work and preparing QuickBooks file for our accountant.
  • Arsenal and Shirt Mockup customer service.
  • Proofreading Zine articles and proposals.
  • COSE came to our office for an energy assessment.
  • Printing shipping labels for all the Christmas packages being sent to our clients.
  • Adding new employees to our payroll and time off system.
Shirt Mockup

Sarah Traxler (Our New Project Manager)

  • Getting up to speed as the new Project Manager here at Go Media—learning about all of the wonderful things Go Media has to offer its clients and the community!
  • Collaborating with the sales team to update Go Media’s proposal template.
  • Developing and implementing tools to improve resource allocation and project planning.
  • Partnering with Jakprints to provide printing services directly to Go Media’s clients (coming soon!)
  • Developing a set of metrics to assess project success + profitability.

Lauren Prebel (Our New Client Services Manager)

  • Sold my first project!
  • Chasing leads and setting up as many discovery calls as I can.
  • Knocking out tons of proposals.
  • Helping to develop some new systems and processes with the rest of the sales team.

Aaron Roberts (Our New Jr. Designer)

Set 5 - Complete Texture Set

Wilson Revehl

  • Migrated Go Media’s Proof Lab Project Management software over to the Amazon Cloud for improved scalability. We also deployed some bug fixes and improvements to Proof Lab with features like Task Deadlines, Dates, Email Notifications and more.
  • Contributed to a wide variety of custom web development requests for proposal.
  • Launched the new Croes~Oliva Group website, http://croesolivagroup.com, it boasts a full width slideshow while the entire site is responsive. This means it adapts to look great on the device size you visit from such as an iPhone or iPad. The Croes~Oliva Group is an expert healthcare consultancy, based in Boston, who helps Hospitals and Physicians Groups streamline operations to improve the quality of care.
  • Launched Motivideos, a Motivational Videos startup based in the Tri-State area. Motivideos produces compelling entrepreneur and business documentaries that serve to inspire your team toward success.
  • Developing an API for aMember 4 to integrate into Mockup Everything and other subscription properties.

Jeff Finley 

Cellar Door Records Poster

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