What’s Go Media Been Up To? – July 2012

WMC Fest is over

We have been busy little bees over the past month here at Go Media.  We just wrapped up the 3rd annual Weapons of Mass Creation Festival and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Everyone really pulled together to make this the best WMC Fest ever!  Thank you to all our sponsors for their support with this year’s fest!  Thank you to all the designers, speakers, and bands for their contributions and presentations!  Thank you to all the volunteers for taking time out of their busy lives to help the fest go off without a hitch.  Thank you to Todd Gauman of NEO Ventures for his logistical assistance with the fest.  Thank you to Joseph Hughes for working to deliver an amazing roster of speakers.  Thank you to Jesse Sloan for securing such amazing bands and all his planning leading up to the fest.

And of course an extra BIG thank you to Jeff Finley, the mastermind behind WMC Fest, for his many hours of hard work and for bringing the city of Cleveland and the worldwide design community together.

Check out the gallery below for some pictures from the fest and click here for a recap post of this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Festival.

A new website!

Another BIG accomplishment this month is the launch of our brand new, completely redesigned website.  It’s been over 8 months in the making, and we are so pumped to have it up, live, and ready for you all to check out!  One of the big features of the site is that it is responsive, so it can be viewed over many platforms including mobile devices and tablets.  This makes the site easier to navigate over these different platforms with little need to minimize, scroll, or pan.  So take the challenge!  Open our site on your computer and then check it out on your iphone or ipad to see all the cool features of responsive design.

The whole team pulled together on this project and worked tirelessly to create the best site to showcase our work, what we do, and our motto of “Design With Passion”.  Jeff Finley spent countless hours creating a fresh, clean look for the site, and I think you all will agree that it came out beautifully.  Dave Romsey, Wilson Revehl, and Liz Hunt put in months of planning, coding, and troubleshooting.  They were the brains and brawns behind the new responsive site and have become experts at this new technology.  Something to keep in mind if you want to keep up with this emerging design technology.  We are now happy to offer this service to our clients, so if you are interested please contact us at hireus@gomedia.us or click this link to fill out our online form.  Finally, I cannot fail to mention William Beachy, Adam Law, Bryan Garvin, and Heather Mariano for all their work on getting the site completed and launched.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peek at the new look and layout of our brand new site!

A few more things

Below is more of what we have been up to here at Go Media.

Bryan Garvin

  1. Went from wireframes to the static html/css/js buildout of the new zine.
  2. Continued to brainstorm for an upcoming podcast.
  3. Bought a lamp for my desk.
  4. Successfully committed using TortoiseSVN.
  5. Assisted the team in launching the new GoMedia.us
  6. Volunteered Friday and Saturday for WMC Fest. Poured a lot of beer on Saturday and met a lot of great people.

Adam Law

  1. Created a logo for a Progressive Arts Alliance event.
  2. Worked on artwork for WMC fest.
  3. Created a new logo for the Zine.
  4. Worked on concepts for an energy bar brand.

Kim Finley

  1. Payroll
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Arsenal and Shirt Mockup customer service
  4. Various financial reports for Bill
  5. Sending out Weapons of Mass Creation shirts (which are now sold out)
  6. Volunteering at WMC Fest

Jeff Finley

Planning, organizing, speaking, and designing for WMC Fest

Marissa Mele

  1. Helped with the launch of Arsenal products: Circular Watercolor Washes Texture Pack, Vintage Letterpress Condensed Texture Pack, Small Watercolor Elements Texture Pack, Vintage Letterpress Slab Texture Pack, and Patterned Watercolor Washes Texture Pack.
  2. Helped with WMC Fest: volunteered by bartending and selling drink tickets on Saturday and Sunday (you probably saw me if you bought any beer over the weekend), created the badge challenges in the WMC Fest mobile app, organized and managed all Sponsors and sponsorship tasks, stuffed tons of goodie bags for the fest, and organized the leftover stuff from the fest.
  3. Assisted with the Summer 2012 Mailers
  4. Helped with adding portfolio projects to the new Go Media site
  5. Gathered quotes for our new store-front renovation project
  6. Finally published my article for the Zine called “Album Cover Artwork Throughout the Decades”
  7. Worked on an article for the Zine called “Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Recap”

Liz Hunt

  1. Pitched in on the launch of the new Gomedia.us (check it out)
  2. Voluneered for WMC Fest (which rocked my world)
  3. Collaborating with Jeff, Wilson, Marissa and The Black Axe to get MockupEverything.com to market (which will hopefully go live in July)
  4. Collaborating with the web team on the new Zine and Arsenal designs (hold on to your jaws, because they’re about to drop)


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