What’s Go Media Been Up To? – April 2012

What's Go Media been up to?

We have been working like mad men/women over the past month and we have made some amazing progress towards our goals for the year. WMC Fest 2012 is just around the corner so keep a lookout for the new site which will be launching in no time at all. The Go Media Arsenal team is busy debuting new products and working on ideas for future releases.

On a sad note, the amazing Adam Wagner will be leaving the Go Media family for an incredible opportunity in San Francisco. Adam will be sorely missed and things will not be the same without him. Arsenal followers, have no fear, because the superwoman, Liz Hunt is now at the helm and she has been an inspiring new leader!

To celebrate Adam’s tenure with Go Media, we had a bowling party at the Corner Alley Bowling Alley in downtown Cleveland. Check out the pictures below to see what it was like:

Below is more of “what we have been up to” here at Go Media:

Jeff Finley

  1. Wrapping up the WMC Fest 2012 website
  2. Creating sponsorship packages for WMC Fest 2012
  3. Started working on the WMC Fest mobile app
  4. Did an interview with IGotWeight.com
  5. Sent out invites to our WMC Fest Benefit show April 14th
  6. Designed the shirt for Columbus Creative design conference 2012
  7. Made lots of headway on MockupEverything app

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 from Weapons of Mass Creation on Vimeo.

Bill Beachy

  1. Worked on redesigning the Go Media proposal template
  2. Continuing to write and work on my book
  3. Completed staff reviews
  4. Dreamed up a marketing plan for a clothing store
  5. Worked on a facebook campaign for a client
  6. Finalizing my resume for a Yale course I will be taking this summer
  7. Working on the legal guide that will be going in the Freelance Survival Kit (set to be released in April)
  8. Interviewed front-end developers for an open position we have at Go Media
  9. Wrote blog post on my video tutorial AI 103

AI 103 Video Tutorial Overview from Go Media on Vimeo.

Liz Hunt

  1. Helping Jeff prep the new Weapons of Mass Creation website (which is coming soon). Get pumped, because it’s going to be another great event this year.
  2. While Adam Wagner bowed out, I bowed in to my new role as Digital Product Manager for the Arsenal. I’ve got some tremendous shoes to fill, so thanks for your patience and for sticking around :)
  3. Gearing up for the release of MockupEverything.com, A lightweight app to make photorealistic mockups on real objects. Hold on to your hats — and shirts, and books, and album covers — because this is pretty neat.
  4. Released 3 new Arsenal products, AI 103 Video Tutorial, Vintage Letterpress Ink Texture Pack and Vintage Poster Borders Texture Pack

Vintage Border effects in Photoshop using Layer Masks from Go Media on Vimeo.

Dave Romsey

  1. Working on the WMC Fest 2012 website
  2. Installed our new phone systems
  3. Worked on plug-ins for client projects as well as CMS

Chris Comella

  1. Worked on logo design for a client
  2. Created a hoodie design for a client’s staff
  3. Shot more videos for the On The Map (OTM) Series

On The Map – trailer from Go Media on Vimeo.

Adam Wagner

  1. Cleaned out desk (This makes us at Go Media sad)
  2. Continued to work on mockup templates
  3. Cleared out my inboxes
  4. Converted Proof Lab help videos
  5. Wrote article for the GoMediaZine

Proof Lab – Setting up your Account from Go Media on Vimeo.

Adam Law

  1. Created identity and t-shirts for an athletic company
  2. Promotional materials for a housing development company
  3. Designed a poster for WMC Fest 2012
  4. Worked on a GoMediaZine post

Elaine Stephenson (our intern)

  1. I helped with a t-shirt photo shoot for a client, edited the photos and created templates from them for an online app.
  2. Helped with client projects such as business cards and outdoor banners.
  3. Continuing to create product templates for the new MockupEverything.com.
  4. I’m working on the redesign of my portfolio site using responsive web design principles, with the help of Liz Hunt.
  5. Helped create graphics to advertise new products on the Arsenal.

Marissa Mele

  1. Worked on video submission of Creative Mornings, along with the amazing videographer, Liz Hunt
  2. Updated the Go Media and Arsenal Facebook pages as well as the Go Media Twitter page
  3. Assisted in the launch of 3 new Arsenal products, AI 103 Video Tutorial, Vintage Letterpress Ink Texture Pack and Vintage Poster Borders Texture Pack
  4. Updated to-do’s and timelines for Arsenal product releases
  5. Sent out a mass mailing of Go Guides to past and potential clients
  6. Worked on finalizing the Freelance Survival Kit for release in April
  7. Migrated all Arsenal products to the Amazon CDN to help with our international downloaders
  8. Took pictures of a spread that Go Media was featured in called the “Book of Creation”

Heather Mariano

  1. I was able to supply some photo tips to an apparel template shoot that we were working on early in March. We played around with some lighting and worked together to finalize the best images for the project
  2. I’ve been working on some proposals for our print design and web services
  3. I have also been creating and managing a project timeline for another exciting project with Findaway World
  4. Worked on the monthly report template with Bill Beachy
  5. On a more personal note, I snuck away to Italy for 10 days this month. My husband and I wandered all over Rome, Siena and Florence with a small trip to a winery in Chianti and a day in London on the way home

Wilson Revehl

  1. Putting the final touches on Mockup Everything
  2. Testing the Flash application and integrating the payment gateway for upgrading and downgrading account types. It should be launching very soon!

Kim Finley

  1. Reconciled the bank account
  2. Ran Payroll
  3. Ordered checks for the WMC Fest account
  4. Proofreading blog posts
  5. Arsenal customer service
  6. Lunch meeting with Jeff and Bill
  7. Scheduled a water meter inspection with the division of water


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