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  • Jun 16, 2014
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After two months, hundreds of entries, thousands of votes and an extremely difficult decision, I am pleased to announce that we have finally settled on our Mockup Everything Design Battle 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

First, let me say thank you to the hundreds of designers who entered to win on To you, I tip my hat. We saw some really brilliant uses of templates and some really clever and cool designs. We are honored to be surrounded by a community of artists we respect and admire. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rules, though, are rules, and we had to stick to ours. As we stated on our Design Battle page, we were to choose from the top 20 vote recipients who did indeed also mock their designs up on one of our templates. From there, we’d choose the best of the best based on Artistry, Appropriateness for Object and All-Around Awesomeness. “We” meaning graphic design greats Jacqui Oakley, Brandon Rike and the design crew here at Go Media. We trust you’ll understand we had to go with our guts and know it was a very difficult decision for us all.

Let’s just do this thing.

Congratulations again to all who entered, but our biggest congrats goes to these three.

Third Place

Third place, winner of $100 in credits to Go Media’s Arsenal and a free year-long Pro membership to goes to:

Tom Roberts

A Few of My Favorite Things by Tom Roberts

A Few of My Favorite Things by Tom Roberts

few of my favourite things _ tom 2

See more of Tom at

Second Place

Second Place, winner of $200 in credits to Go Media’s Arsenal and a free year-long Pro membership to goes to:

Carlos Arteaga

Final Stampede Flyer

Final Stampede Flyer


See more of Carlos at | Behance | Instagram

and (drum roll please)

First Place

First Place, winner of:

Matthew Morete

Lion Graphic

Lion Graphic


Congrats to Tom, Carlos, Matthew and all who entered! All, keep your eye out for the next Mockup Everything Design Battle coming your way very soon!

Until then, check out the over 200 templates available to our Pro Users (as well as some free templates available to all users of Mockup Everything!)

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