Weekly Review Sept. 1-5

Cleveland Marathon

Another busy week flew by over here. Here’s the rundown:

Jeff’s Week in Review:

  • Moved some of the sidebar modules into the footer. The sidebar was getting pretty long!
  • Tinkered with Universal Type Server. We’re looking for a Server Based Font Management solution so we’re trying this one out. It’s got a lot of great features, but it’s really slow. Still not sold on it yet.
  • Made a post showing off some tees at Target that used our vectors. Some poor choice of words incited a few people to blast me for calling out a bad design, even if it was made with a product we sell. I feel bad if I offended anyone, but I think some people overreacted. You can read the post and comments here.
  • On a related note, I opened up a discussion on the general use of stock artwork. You can voice your opinions here like a lot of people already did. I think there’s a lot of inspiring commentary going on.
  • Worked on a crazy clown sketch for Harley-Davidson, but it ended up too scary. Next round is a little more tame and comedic.
  • We set up a store at DeckPeck to sell skate decks with Go Media art. So far it’s just my art, but there will be other staff here contributing soon.
  • Did a shirt for the Killers. But they said it was too “touristy.” I have to say I agree, but I thought that was the vibe they wanted. Oh well, the next round should be closer to what they’re looking for.
  • I have a new article going up this week about How to Win at Design by Humans. I did an interview with one of the creators of the site and he gave some good tips on what they want to see.

Oliver’s review from the past two weeks:

  • A piece of artwork for Balanced Growth’s new Innov8 campaign that will be used in a lot of their materials.
  • 2 Tee designs for Harley Davidson. One of them caused Photoshop to crash 4 times in a row, each time when I was saving. Causing me to lose hours of work each time. I punched my desk so hard that I thought I broke a knuckle. It’s still kind of swollen.
  • 2 Tee designs for the Killers. They like to change their mind and we’re going through mountains of concepts, but the work is fun and they’re pretty open minded.
  • Finished up a promo poster for the Arsenal. If the printing turns out like I want it to, it should be a pretty solid piece.
  • Did an ad for a contact lens company that was along the lines of the concentric circle stuff.
  • Speaking of that circle stuff. I submitted a design to Design by Humans. Vote on it!
  • I also did an illustration for the Obama T shirt contest which mysteriously never showed up on their site.
  • I did a vector illustration for the Cleveland Marathon. It was cool because I hadn’t done anything like that before, but also very annoying because the person that I was illustrating looked slightly like Jerry Seinfeld. It was driving me nuts, and in the completed illustration, the guy looks exactly like Seinfeld.
  • This week should consist of some branding, gig posters, and more merch. Could be a good week, even though the Browns were dominated yesterday.

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