Weekly Review Nov 10-18

We’ve been extremely busy this November because we are trying to put out a bunch of new products over at the Arsenal. So that’s one explanation for the lack of frequent posting on the zine. Which by the way, reminds me, we’re still looking for rock solid contributors to the GoMediaZine.

Anyway, here’s my latest review of last week:

  • Created some artwork for Vector Pack 13. Specifically some stuff for Robots, Flow, and Bound. The robots were a lot harder than I thought actually. But I think they came out ok. Here are some that I did.


  • I put a new shirt up on emptees. It’s really just a logo, but it was done for a shirt. It’s some 3D lettering for Fearless Records. It was meant to give off a strong rock n roll vibe. I quite like how it came out.

    Fearless Records

  • Arsenal 2 is just about ready to launch into public Beta. Our goal is Thursday!
  • Speaking of Arsenal 2, I had to get a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway so I used Merchant Warehouse to do that. Never did it before, but it was pretty easy. Now we will be able to accept credit cards on our site yay! And we’re thinking of getting rid of Paypal altogether. Why? Because Paypal is nothing but problems. From echecks, to chargebacks, to no seller protection, etc. Just watch this video which explains my thoughts exactly.
  • We are working on new site for Ballher, a girl’s basketball clothing line. The design was already provided by the client, we just need to make the website work and get his shopping cart and blog installed. We’re using WordPress and this plugin called WP-Ecommerce.
  • We’re getting our aquarium filled up today which is awesome.
  • We put in plans to actually make a break room, so we don’t have to eat at our desks every day.
  • We’re in the process of building this really awesome Hoodie Template Pack. It’s more than just a template pack though. To be honest, it’s like an all-in-one hoodie design package. It will allow you to create all-over-prints in a few clicks. It will be setting the standard for apparel templates for sure. I think we’ll be releasing that this week.

Anyway, November is insane for the Arsenal. So if you’ve got some ideas for articles or tutorials for our zine, and are looking for some cash this year for the Holidays and a boost in your site’s traffic, hit us up!

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design, branding, and design studio. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. I'm also writing a new book called Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

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