Weekly Review March 3-12

Hitchcock Poster by Chris Comella

It’s been a while since I posted my last review, so I’ll just cover what I did last week and last month (just briefly). Sometimes you think you know what you’ll be doing in a given month, but then suddenly things take a sudden sharp turn. FAIL sticker is a perfect example. We weren’t planning on doing it, it just happened. And now my month has been busy with all things FAIL sticker. Anyway, I did other things when I wasn’t working on the sticker stuff. I promise, just check the list:

  • Launched FAIL Sticker and LOL Sticker. They’ve been pretty popular already! It was just some silly idea that our IT guy Dave brought up and he and I worked together on making it happen. If you’re a blogger reading this and want to do a FAIL Sticker giveaway on your blog, hit me up!
  • Had a meeting with Cedar Lee (Cleveland’s major art-house movie theater) and we landed a gig to design a poster for an upcoming Alfred Hitchcock director series. Our designer Chris Comella did the poster and it came out pretty sweet. See the poster below.
  • Launched Vector Pack 14. Specifically I drew up some skeletons, wings, ornate patterns, and elements for the sketch and fight pack. I felt like this was a good release. Bill did some really cool drawings for the Superhero pack too. Other things I helped contribute were the 3D preview images that you can see on the homepage of the Arsenal. I’ll post the pic below.
  • I’ve been contacting film distributors like Sony Pictures Classics (amongst others) to try to see if they’d be interested in hiring me for a poster or DVD package design for one of their films. I even would do it for free. But I never get a reply from my emails. If anyone has any advice on getting a design project for a movie let me know. I’m serious about doing this!
  • Upgraded the Go Media Arsenal Affiliate Program. I’m using Post Affiliate Pro now. I haven’t officially made the switch, but I thought I’d tell everyone in advance. We will be able to pay our affiliates with direct deposit, which is way better than sending checks! We used to pay with Paypal, but it’s just a mess when it comes to taxes. So direct deposit it is! If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate and making money with the Arsenal, you can read more about it here.
  • I’ve been going back and forth with our bank filling out forms so we can do ACH deposits to our affiliates. This is taking a while. It’s also $200 setup fee and $50/month to use it (ugh, so many fees in today’s socieity. Our clients should be happy that we don’t have fees for every little thing we do!).
  • Did a logo/type treatment for SpeedFreak – an apparel brand targeted towards racing fans. See below. I’m still waiting on feedback for it…
  • I did a little interview on calling cards for the New York Post. Which reminds me, I was supposed to send him some sample designs – I need to get on that today!
  • There’s a book coming out called Illustrated Fonts by Links Books that I was asked to contribute some of my work to. Deadline is today. I better get on that too.
  • Our friend Cristi (aka Whyball) did some killer wing drawings for us. We will be releasing the set on the Arsenal later this month! See below for images.

Here are some images associated with that list above! Including Chris Comella’s awesome Hitchcock poster.

Fail Sticker Launched

Whyball Wings pack coming up Hitchcock Poster by Chris Comella Vector Pack 14 is out Speedfreak concept

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