Weekly Review July 28 – Aug 1

In an effort to further describe to you the behind the scenes happenings of a design studio, here’s another weekly review. Last week was super busy. And I have encouraged other Go Media staff to write their own weekly reviews! Oliver will be offering up his review in this post!

So let’s get to it.

Jeff’s Weekly Review:

  • We all worked on some posters for the film Amores Perros as a pitch to hopefully get us some more movie poster jobs. We love this kind of stuff.
  • Worked on some guts and slime drawings for Vector Pack 12 (see sketches below).
  • Still working on Arsenal 2 – some parts of Phase 2 are being completed and Phase 3 is about ready for the invoice.
  • Worked on some storyboards for a map animation for the Tattoo Show that will air on A&E this fall
  • Finalized some illustrations for Complex Magazine – I’ll show these once they’re printed in the magazine.
  • Fixed issues/bugs with the zine and posted part 2 of the 15 Mistakes Article. A lot of nice responses from our readers.
  • Made a few Adobe Illustrator brushes for a future Adobe Illustrator brush pack.

Oliver’s Weekly Review

  • I did two Amores Perros posters for our pitch. I had high hopes for the first one, but it didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it to. I started a second poster, and I’m really stoked how it turned out. I’ve been developing a new illustration style and I’m really excited to continue refining it. A lot of us worked on these posters, the results are pretty darn snazzy. Fingers crossed that the client gets really excited about them and wants to work with us.
  • I did two shirt designs for New Kids on the Block. One is based on a wild 3d type treatment, with a 90’s feel. The other could use some more attention. The 2nd design is the little brother of the 1st design who can’t escape his big brother’s attention.
  • I’m close to finishing my work on the illustrations for Complex Magazine. I’ve got two approved, and the third has some minor tweaks, but I think it could use some more work. I was satisfied with it when the week ended last week, but when I opened the file this morning, I really thought the colors stunk and the composition was a B- at best. I don’t like submitting artwork that I’m not proud of, so I’m going to make sure it’s awesome before I upload it.
  • We also had a meeting about getting some new clients and giving the Go Media portfolio site a face lift. I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling on that. That should do it for last week. I was not in the office on Monday because I was busy screaming, sweating, and flailing my arms around at Cedar Point.

So that’s it for this review. I like Oliver’s in depth review. Good insight in my opinion. Hope all you voyeurs are happy! (wink wink) If you can’t get enough, follow Oliver and me on Twitter.

Amores Perros Poster Pitches:

Amores Perros Poster
By Chris Comella

Amores Perros Poster
By Oliver Barrett

Amores Perros Poster
By Oliver Barrett

Amores Perros Poster
By Adam Law

Amores Perros Poster
By Jeff Finley

Amores Perros Poster
By Jeff Finley

Amores Perros Poster
By Bill Beachy

Amores Perros Poster
By Katie Major

Guts and Slime for Vector Pack 12

Amores Perros Poster Amores Perros Poster

(New) New Kids on the Block Merch:

new kids on the block merch new kids on the block merch

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