Weekly Review Jan 6-15

2009 has officially begun. We had our year-end review meeting yesterday and now we’re ready to move forward. We discussed Go Media’s successes and failures. We reviewed each staff members individual personal and professional goals as well as general company goals for Go Media. It was a long, 7 hour meeting with a few breaks in between. But it was interesting and inspiring. I won’t bore you to death with all our meeting details, but I will show you some of my own goals and some for the Go Mediazine.

But first, here is what I got done last week.

  • Upgraded Go Media Forum to vBulletin 3.8
  • Developed the branding for Dan Zarrella’s TweetBacks and TweetSuite
  • Go Media forum members Tim and Colorburned are now Super Moderators!
  • Drew some new wings for Vector Pack 14
  • Drew a bunch of vector purses for an ad campaign for a large company I wish I could mention
  • Worked on some seamless ornate patterns for Vector Pack 14
  • Spent time thinking of goals and talking points for the annual meeting

Now here are some of my goals. Keep in mind, these are just mine. There are 12 other staff members here at Go Media with all sorts of different goals for how we can be more successful and have more fun next year.

Jeff’s Personal Goals for 2009:

  • Buy my first house and move in
  • Record a demo for my band
  • Record a demo with Adam Wagner
  • Go camping in the mountains
  • Be more active, exercise more.
  • Go to Vegas (my sister’s wedding)
  • Go on another vacation trip with Kim – maybe another cruise?

Jeff’s Professional Goals for 2009:

  • Push/Market Arsenal Affiliate plan better
  • Promote new Go Media v5.0
  • Do at least one paid job for the film industry – movie posters mostly
  • Do at least one really solid CD or DVD package I am proud of.
  • Finish some preliminary plans for 1st or 2nd floor of building

Go Mediazine Goals:

  • Add our “portfolio” category and regularly update with new work
  • Reach 20,000 RSS subscribers
  • Connect Zine to Arsenal with some sort of RSS subscriber discount for Arsenal or access to hidden content on Arsenal page or vice versa.
  • Get a consistent guest posting thing going. We need to maintain a steady stream of content.
  • Pitch to advertisers to fill up our spots. I’ve never done that yet.
Go Media Annual Meeting Go Media Annual Meeting Go Media Annual Meeting Go Media Annual Meeting Go Media Annual Meeting Go Media Annual Meeting

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