Weekly Review Jan 27 – Feb 3

It’s been a crazy week! The Go Media crew have been in a fervor of sorts working a little bit of OT this weekend. You see, we had planned to make progress on the new Go Media v5.0 portfolio site (gomedia.us) but that didn’t happen. We planned to work more on Vector Pack 14, but that was also shelved for a week. I had to stay away from Twitter (gasp!) and email for a few days just to stay sane. What happened you ask? Well, all I can tell you is that a new client gave us a “big” project and it had a really tight deadline. I am not allowed to reveal the client or the project details other than it was some website mockups and simple animations. Pretty simple really, but the deadline was so tight that it required a few of us to stay late Friday night and some into the weekend. Now we don’t normally work that way, but this was a project we couldn’t pass up. So the lucky client got to take advantage of a bunch nice and hardworking designers. The pressure was on for sure, but as I write this, the smoke has cleared and things are going back to normal.

So I’m able to give you a little bullet point list of what went down this week on my end. Also, Oliver has given me his own weekly review, so look for that below mine.

  • Finished up the Wings Vector Pack and it’s available for purchase from the Arsenal. We also released a special freebie wing for you to download.
  • I’m working with a company called Ripple Junction to shop some of our unused t-shirt designs to retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, JCPenny, etc. We’ll see if anything comes of it.
  • In talks with the local Art House movie theaters Cedar Lee and the The Cleveland Cinematheque for an opportunity to create memorable posters for their events.
  • Started some new projects for Nirvana, Jimmy Buffet, and the Allman Brothers. Cool!
  • Finishing up some shirts for a special promo line for Jakprints. The idea is that they will print some specialty techniques and then offer the shirts at cost on their site to allow customers to literally touch and feel the garmets when deciding whether or not to get shirts manufactured. We’re helping them make the shirts cool enough that people would want to wear them no matter what!
  • I’m going to be designing a simple one page site for our friends at Hubspot, thanks to Dan Zarrella. I can’t tell you any more details than that. It should be fun and you should be hearing about it soon.
  • I noticed when blowing my nose at home that the Puffs tissue box had some of our Ornate Vector Pack artwork on it. Wow! Talk about random Arsenal sightings.
  • I started a new Twitter web app that will take the internet by storm. Well, maybe, who knows. I’ll tell you more details when we get an Alpha version running. I’m working with the guy behind TweetSuite, Dan Zarrella. Yes, the same tweet suite that isn’t working right on GoMediaZine, so if you’ve tried to use the tweet buttons on the article and failed, well, we’re working on it. For some reason, the plugin works great on other sites, but just doesn’t play nice with the GMZ. So hopefully after Dan finishes up my little distraction I sent him, we should see an update to TweetSuite.

Here is Oliver Barrett’s weekly review:

  • Working feverishly on Vector Pack 14. Can’t say exactly what I’ve worked on with this, or it will ruin the surprise.
  • Continuing to make edits on shirts for participants in the Cleveland Marathon. Maybe sometime I’ll man up and train for one.
  • Making content for the new Go Media portfolio site. I wish we could get it done faster, but getting busy again has put this lower in the priority list.
  • Developing the new Spring 09 line for Strhess Clothing. I’m doing the entire thing, and I’m really, really excited about how it’s turning out.
  • I’ve also been working on an album package for the band 4th Floor. It’s a lot of photo manipulation which is something that I’ve added to my ever expanding skill-set. It should be a pretty sweet package when it’s all ready to go. This is the second album package I’ve worked on since this summer and I’m hoping I can get some more of these. The one I did for my band (which I will be writing a blog post about) was a really fun project from start to finish.
  • My new year’s resolution was to make more artwork and draw more. So far, I’ve kept up with it. I upload all of it to my flickr account. I even submitted one to Threadless. Shameless plug, give me a $5 please!
  • I’ve got a few shirt designs to do for some other companies this week. Hopefully I can make some time this month to get a new business card done. Mine is from 06 and has my clean-shaven face on it. I haven’t seen my upper lip since February 07, so I need to get a more contemporary one.

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