Weekly Review Dec-Jan

The holidays have come and gone and it’s time to get back to work over here at Go Media. We apologize for the sparce content as of late (want to write for us?). But it’s a brand new year and I’m going to recap a little of what has been happening.

Jeff’s Weekly Review

  • Zine commentors can now add their Twitter ID to their comments!
  • Added a new “connect with us” box in the sidebar for Behance, Facebook, Myspace, Linked In, etc. Add us up!
  • Worked on a cool new shirt for German metal kings Caliban
  • Worked on a logo and identity system for photographer Chris Casella – in return he’s going to shoot staff photos. Working out trades with other service providers is another good way to earn clients and do the kind of jobs you want. It’s not cash in your pocket, but you can get something useful in exchange for your time. I am thinking of doing this more.
  • Started mocking stuff up in 3D. If I don’t have an actual physical printed sample of our design, it’s a good way to simulate what it would look like in the real world.
  • Speaking of 3D, I downloaded the trial of Hypershot3D. Pretty awesome – if you’ve already got a 3D model, import into Hypershot and it’s great for rendering and materials.
  • We have decided that in February, Go Media is going to try ramp up our design services. Yes, some of you readers think all we do is this blog and sell stock art. Hehe. Well, that’s not true, we design stuff for clients. We feel we need to improve in that aspect. We are launching a new portfolio site and going to be doing all sorts of different promotions to get us in gear.
  • Sent out Go Media Christmas cards to our clients – this is always fun. We’re going to do more stuff like that throughout the year.
  • I’ve been contacting various movie poster companies, but so far, no luck. I WILL do some art for the film industry at some point. I have a friend on this message board I frequent that is a filmmaker. I like his style and I offered to do some artwork for him on the cheap. Just to do it. He has zero budget and I approached him, so there isn’t much negotiating going on. I just want to get a real poster made for a real film. This sounds like a good start.
  • Set up an account at TweetLater – seems cool, it helps automate some repetetive twitter tasks. Helps when you run more than one twitter account like I do.
  • Started preparations for buying my first home with Kim. There is a lot I need to learn, but it’s coming along. I hope to move in before 2010, but I’m going to take it one step at a time.
  • I opened up some new ad spots on the Go Media Forum and Freebies Page. They’re cheap now, so get the spots while you can. Just go to the page and click on the “advertise here” block.
  • Adam has been showing off how awesome he is at Excel. Haha, I didn’t realize how cool it can be. He’s dynamically importing all our Arsenal data and coming up with all sorts of cool charts and graphs. It’s like Google Anatlyics, but more powerful depending on how advanced you want to set it up. If you ever have any questions about how to use Excel for charting web stats and ecommerce transaction, ask Adam!
  • With the new office, comes new non-design related work like chores. Yes, we have to do manual labor from time to time haha. Chores such as sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, feeding the fish, watering plants, etc. Speaking of which, I have to mop the stairwell today….
  • Did an interview with I am the Trend – a blog for designers about fashion/clothing. That should be posted on their site soon.
  • That’s pretty much all I have been doing. Not much designing, more “other” stuff. If you know what I mean. It happens. We’ve been slow like most other businesses. Let’s see what 2009 is like.

Below you can find some visuals of what I talked about above.

Chris Casella Identity:
Chris Casella business card and letterhead

Caliban shirt and hoodie, mocked up with the Go Media apparel packs of course.

Caliban Shirt and Hoodie
Caliban Shirt and Hoodie
Caliban Shirt and Hoodie

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